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The Race for the 2019-2020 NBA season MVP Award

The 2019-2020 NBA regular season produced several memorable moments before its suspension. Throughout the season, a host of players displayed impressive performances consistently to help their respective teams. As such, these players have earned several individual accolades already and are seen as contenders for the prestigious NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) accolade if the season resumes.

Below is a comprehensive selection of some of the leading contenders vying against each other to become this season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) and their incredible statistics so far this season.


1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)

The top name on the list of serious contenders for this season’s NBA MVP accolade is Eastern Conference side Milwaukee Bucks’ talismanic Power Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo. Last season’s MVP is on course to retain his crown once more at the end of the season due to the Bucks’ excellent season so far. The Bucks have enjoyed a lot of successes this season thanks to the incredible performances of Giannis. Giannis has had the best season of his NBA career so far. As a result, the Bucks are currently sitting on top of the Eastern Conference, and the Central Division with a 53-12 win-loss record and have already secured qualification to the playoffs in the postseason. This season, Giannis has averaged 29.6 points per game, 13.7 rebounds per game, 5.8 assists per game, and 3.7 turnovers per game. In total, Giannis has recorded 1,690 points, 783 rebounds, 329 assists and 209 turnovers in 57 appearances for the Bucks so far this season.


2. LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

LeBron James has had a massive impact in his second season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have been one of the most dominant forces in the NBA this season. They currently sit on top of the Western Conference and Pacific Division with a 49-14 win-loss record this season, booking a playoff spot in the process. One of the significant factors behind the Lakers’ successes so far this season has been the consistent performances of LeBron upfront this season. This season has seen LeBron average 25.7 points per game, 7.9 rebounds per game and 10.6 assists per game. In total, LeBron James has recorded 1544 points, 473 rebounds, and 636 assists in 60 games so far. LeBron also ranks first for the most assists in the NBA this season.


3. James Harden (Houston Rockets)

Houston Rockets have experienced an inconsistent season so far. They are currently in the race for the playoffs this season and are sixth on the Western Conference and top of the Southwest Division with a 40-24 win-loss record. However, the team’s inconsistencies haven’t affected the performances of their star man James Harden who has once again been integral to most of the successes the Rockets have chalked so far this season. The Shooting Guard has been the top-ranked player in the point-scoring charts so far this season. He has averaged 34.4 points per game, 6.4 rebounds per game and 7.4 assists per game so far this season. In total, Harden has recorded 2096 points, 388 rebounds, and 450 assists in 61 games for the Rockets so far this season.


4. Luka Dončić (Dallas Mavericks)

In his second season as a player in the NBA, Luka Dončić has established himself as one of the best and consistent performers for his Dallas Mavericks side. Last season’s NBA Rookie of the Year award recipient has been sensational for the Dallas Mavericks in an indifferent season for the team. The Mavericks are still in contention for the postseason’s playoffs and are currently occupying the 7th position in the Western Conference and second in the Southwest Division with a 40-27 win-loss record. Their current standings so far in the NBA this season has been down to the performances of the Mavericks’ talented Shooting Guard. This season, Dončić has averaged 28.7 points per game, 9.3 rebounds per game and 8.7 assists per game. In total, he has recorded 1549 points, 502 rebounds, and 470 assists in 54 games for the Dallas Mavericks this season. His performances this season also earned him a spot in the Western Conference team for the first time at this year’s NBA All-Star Game.


5. Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

Alongside LeBron James, Anthony Davis has been instrumental in the Lakers’ successes so far this season in what has been a remarkable first year with his new team following his arrival from the New Orleans Pelicans last summer. He has averaged 26.7 points per game, 9.4 rebounds per game and 3.1 assists per game so far this season. In total, Davis has recorded 1467 points, 517 rebounds, and 172 assists in 55 games.


6. Kawhi Leonard (Los Angeles Clippers)

Kawhi Leonard is also another contender for this season’s MVP award following his impressive showings for the Clippers so far this season. Kawhi Leonard, in his first year with the Los Angeles Clippers, has been a regular standout performer since joining the team from the reigning Champions Toronto Raptors, the team he led to last season’s NBA title triumph. The Clippers are second in both the Western Conference and Pacific Division with a 44-20 win-loss record. Behind the Clippers’ excellent season is Kawhi who has averaged 26.9 points per game, 7.3 rebounds per game and 5.0 assists per game. In total, Leonard has recorded 1370 points, 373 rebounds, and 254 assists in 51 games for the Clippers so far this season.


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