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The Return of NBA: Details Revealed

Many NBA fans have been waiting for this moment, and it is finally here!

On Thursday, May 5, 2020, the NBA Governing Board accepted a competition structure in which 22 teams will restart the season, with an expected start date of Friday, July 31. Approval by the Board is the first formal step for many to resume the season.

Good news, right?

The NBA partners with the National Basketball Players Union to execute a detailed season restart program. The NBA and NBPA will collaborate on a rigorous program to prevent and mitigate risks associated with COVID-19, including a regular testing protocol and strict safety practices with infectious disease experts, public health experts, and government officials. The resumption of the season often relies on a deal with The Walt Disney Corporation for the usage of the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, as a single campus venue for the rest of the season for the training, preparation, and accommodation.

Based on the contest structure accepted by the Governing Board of the NBA yesterday, the 22 returning teams will comprise 16 teams in current playoff places (eight per conference), with six teams six or less below the eighth seed at their respective conferences. The two groups include the NBA’s 22 best record teams.

The Board’s reopening format approval, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said, constitutes a necessary step for resuming the NBA season. He also suggested that while the pandemic COVID-19 presents enormous challenges, they look forward to a safe and responsible end of the season, which is now completed with officials and medical experts. It is based on strict protocols. According to him, the NBA also recognize that as they prepare to resume the game, the society is tackling the recent racial tragedies and injustice and this will keep them working with the teams and players in close cooperation to leverage the collective resources and influence available to deal with these questions genuinely and concretely.

The 2020 NBA Draft Lottery will presumably begin on December 1, 2020, if the review season on July 31 as tentatively expected, instead of on August 25 it will be reprojected the 2020 NBA Draft on October 15 and the 2020-21 NBA regular season on Dec. 120.

The 14 NBA Lottery teams are the eight teams who are not in the restart and the six teams who are not qualified for the playoffs. The teams are ranked in the draw and are given chances by games on March 11, depending on their results. Throughout the regular season, the 16 participants will draw up their records in reverse order.


Teams to return

Twenty-two teams would be returning from the season restart. They are the Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards from the Eastern Conference and the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns from the Western Conference.



Each Team that returned would play eight matches, as selected from their other matches during the regular season. At the end of seeding, the seven teams would qualify for the seasonal playoffs for every conference with the best-combined records in regular games and seed matches.

Since the 8th-best combined record team in the league is about four games clear of the Team with the 9th-best combined record in the same field, the 8th-best record will earn the 8th playoff spot.

If the Team with the highest combined Record at Team A would participate in a play-in competition to decide the eighth playoff seed, Team A and Team B will be four or fewer games ahead of the Team with the ninth-highest combined Record at Team B. Team A needs to defeat Team B once, and Team B needs to defeat Team A in two rows to make it the eighth playoff seed.

In the first round, conference semifinals, quarter-finals, and the NBA Finals, a conventional playoff with the best of seven sets will end the 2019-20 season.




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