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Timberwolves win top pick in 2020 league draft lottery

On Thursday, The Timberwolves emerged victorious in the 2020 NBA draft lottery as well as the exclusive right to the first pick in the draft later during the year.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, who climaxed the season with the NBA’s third-worst record, will be accompanied by the Golden State Warriors, whose record was a lot worse, the Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls in the draft lottery on October 16th.


“The Minnesota Timberwolves win top pick this year with Warriors armed with the second pick as a result of the untimely invasion of injuries on the team’s roster.”

While Minnesota Timberwolves are building around pillars in Towns and Russell, who are in their mid-20s, the Warriors are entirely different. Golden State qualified to the past five league Finals and won three titles as well before injuries dismantled the roster this season. The Golden State Warriors plummeted to being the worst team in the NBA as Curry missed all but a handful of games mainly because of a hand injury, and Klay Thompson sat out throughout the season because of a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Fully armed with the second pick, the Warriors can now pursue talents in the trade market to upgrade the roster around their doyen core to try to launch themselves back into the championship chase — given that all the three stars returned to full strength.

“I’m aware there’s a lot of narrative around us trading and what we’re going to do with it, but we don’t know anything now,” Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers said. “We found out half an hour ago that we had the No. 2 pick, so that’s the first step as far as getting some clarity. And now it will be, ‘Do we like somebody there?’ We don’t entirely control the draft, but all you got to like is two guys to be happy, making it a little more straightforward.

“But I have no idea what the value is of that pick, how much people covet it, and I don’t think I’ll know that anytime soon. That’s something that might play out over the next couple of months. But usually, the No. 2 pick is pretty good, so I imagine either we’ll be happy — I think we’ll be happy with whatever options, whatever route we take, we’ll be pretty happy about it.”

According to Myers, Curry, Green, and Thompson would input what the team does with their selection.

“With those guys, I feel like they’ve earned a right to say whatever they want,” Myers said. “And I’ve also earned the right to listen and do what we think is right too. It is mutual respect. The Bulls and the Hornets jumped from the eighth and seventh spots, respectively. They were not quite as lucky as the Memphis Grizzlies and the New Orleans Pelicans, who moved up from those positions to the top two last year.

For Charlotte, the Number Three picks allow the team to get a young building block to put alongside Devonte’ Graham, the team’s representative for the draft lottery, and forwards Miles Bridges and PJ Washington.


“The Minnesota Timberwolves president of operations Gerson Roses said he’s excited about the potential level that can be part of the team and positions the team well moving forward.”

Chicago Bulls gets a little bit of luck early in the executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas’s tenure, who, earlier this year, succeeded John Paxson as the team’s top decision-maker.

The Chicago Bulls will add another young player to a core of Zach LaVine and Coby white and Wendell Carter Jr. and big men Lauri Markkanen.

“I don’t think you address needs at [No.] 4,” Karnisovas said. “You get the best talent. That’s what we’re going to be looking for: the highest-upside player.”

The Bulls are looking for a new coach after firing head coach Nick Boylen. Instead of the normal gathering of representatives from all 14 teams participating in the lottery draft, this year’s drawing was virtually done, with all 14 groups represented in a video teleconference.

Unlike what happened last year, when Ja Morant and Zion Williamson were the first and second picks in the lottery draft, this year’s crop of prospects is wide-open, with no consensus about who should go. Two potential options are Georgia guard Anthony Edwards and LaMelo Ball; Pelicans guard Lonzo ball younger brother. LaMelo Ball said during the lottery telecast on ESPN that the experience was beneficial.


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