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2020 National Football League draft concerns

The national football league draft is an annual event that serves as the league’s source of player recruitment. Each team will be given a position in the drafting order in reverse order relative to its record in the previous years, from this position, the round will be complete when each team has either drafted a player or traded their position.


Players and agents are pleased that the NFL draft will not be delayed

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, some teams were worried they would not be able to host players for in-person visits and having to organize the three-day draft virtually. Still, they are now glad it is going on as scheduled.

Molly McManimie, who represents UCLA running back Joshua Kelly and O’Regan State tight end Noah Togai, explained how delaying the draft will do more harm than good to them(agents). “From agents, by the time the draft hits, we have already invested tens of thousands of dollars into the guys and their training, their housing, anything else they needed so for us to delay it, it’s scary because how much more then do we pay for? McManimie said.

She explained that they would have to pay for training all over again since the training is set up purposely for a certain amount of time.

Leigh Steinberg and his agency also represent 12 draft-eligible players, which includes included first-round prospects, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jerry Jeudy. Just like McManimie, Leigh understands the hardship, financial-wise that agents would face if the draft had been delayed.

He reasoned that the necessity for agents to pay for training, housing, per diem from January through to the end of April makes it financially challenging for them to run a profitable business for most people that represent Football players, especially those picked in the lower rounds.

According to the agents, training a player could cost them up to $30,000 and another $10,000 for housing and per diem.

McManimie Liv and Vegas and was looking forward to having the draft in her home town.”Health and safety way supersedes all that, but we can keep things moving virtually and healthily and safely,” she said. “It protects tons of jobs. The optics look bad, but it’s not just fun for some of us, it’s our livelihood, too. A lot of people are unemployed because the draft is happening, and if we can keep things on track, we should. And on the other side of that, it’s something that people are going to be able to watch. It’s sports, and it will lift spirits and give people something to look forward to.”


Some NFL teams wanted the draft to be postponed

The Pittsburgh Steelers had initially one of the clubs who wanted the draft to be delayed, but general manager Colbert Kevin and coach Mike Tomlin have found some merits. Colbert said he felt better knowing more about drafting the lower picks and free-agent types than he did before, and Tomlin, on the other hand, had the opportunity to look more into players. He watched videos of them and saw them from a different perspective while in quarantine, and he is convinced the draft shouldn’t be delayed since players cannot wait to know where they are going to play.

Ryan Pace, Chicago Bears general manager, also hoped for a delay at first, “Once the decision was made that the draft is staying where it is, you just quickly flip your mindset,” Pace said. “OK, here’s the rules, we’re all under the same conditions, let’s make sure we’re one of the best teams at it. For me, the focus has just been, hey, this is the draft, and let’s go. We feel very prepared. We’re excited to get this weekend going.”

“I’m excited” Ole Miss defensive back Myles said, “I get kind of nervous because the future is not guaranteed, but I’m staying relaxed, level minded and focusing on what I can control.”

Andre Odom, who is an agent with Athletic First, is personally happy because he sees the draft as a chance for the player’s to experience what they have dedicated their lives to accomplish. He believes it is a “surreal moment for them and their families.”

We wish the players all the best.


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