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Aldrick Rosas released by Giants

The New York Giants have been reported by NFL Mike Garafolo Network and NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport on Sunday morning to have released the Kicker Aldrick Rosas. The Giants will sign Chandler Catanzaro, Rapoport says, per source in a subsequent push.

The previous release of the Pro Bowl kicker came after Rosa ‘s detention in mid-June during a run in Chico, California.

Later Sunday morning, Rosas posted a statement on Instagram thanking the franchise and acknowledging its release.

“I want to thank the Mara and Tisch family for the past [three] years with the New York Giants,” it read in part. “It’s been an incredible ride, and I’ve met so many amazing coaches and teammates! I wish I could’ve performed at the level I know I can play at. I have nothing but love towards the New York Giants.”


Rosas’ Arrest and Charges

Rosas, 25, was jailed for a misdeeming hit-and-run and a suspended license and placed in Butte County Jail.

Rosas was driving at an estimated 100 mph pace in his 2018 black Chevrolet SUV when he crashed with a Ford pickup truck in an intersection, according to the crash analysis. Rosas attempted to escape, but shortly afterward met a CHP officer.

On June 15 at 8:30 a.m., the hit-and-run took place. Witnesses asserted that they saw Rosas on the highway in his Chico hometown, driving his Chevrolet SUV from about 90 miles to 100 miles.

The crash report revealed that he was driving a rusty and T-boned pickup truck. He was supposedly leaving the scene on foot because he couldn’t drive his car away. He was discovered walking a path less than a mile from the crash four hours later, according to the study. He had blood on his neck, legs, and barefoot, said the police.

According to the study, drug dependence was considered to be a concern.

Police had told TMZ that they brought Rosas to a medical center for assessment before they booked him for hit-and-run and suspended driving licenses. The accusation of alcohol addiction is currently also being investigated. The status of the other driver is not recorded.

In the ground, for the past three seasons, Rosas has been the Giants’ Kicker. During that time, 62 of the 75 target fields (82.7%) and 86 of the 94 additional points (91.5%) had been converted.

Rosas’s Giants day came at the height of the 2018 Pro Bowl in a mixed two-fighting battle, one additional point, and a field goal, which exceeded 97% of his field goals and was missed.

Prior to his legal problems, Rosas had career lows of extra point 89.7% and field goals of 70.6% in 2019.

In Butte County, California, he has faced charges of reckless driving, damage of property, hit and run, and a suspended driving license because of an earlier DUI.

The district attorney said Rosas had been arrested for driving under alcohol influence in 2016, before his three years with the Giants began in 2017. Rosas originates from Chico, California, in and attended southern Oregon.

At the time of the allegations, they were conscious of the situation and were in contact with Aldrick, and the Giants told the New York Daily News.


Bad year for Rosas?

In 2018, his second season, Rosas, was a Pro Bowl pick when he did 32 of his 33 targets on the field.

In 2019, though, he only made 12 out of 17 (70.6%). However, he re-signed an off-season pact worth $3.3 million. Veterans will return on Tuesday to the training camp. No kickers on the Giants’ depth diagram are eligible at this point.


Giants Sign Chandler Catanzaro

Catanzaro did not play last year and isn’t returning after a brief pension. For five seasons now, the 29-year-old has been playing with four clubs, including cardinals, panthers, jets, and bukanes. The most impressive run for Catanzaro was three years with the Cardinals to continue a career. In 2016 he hit a field goal of 60 yards. Catanzaro was the final engagement in a split season with the Panthers and Bucs in 2018.


Throughout his service, Catanzaro has accomplished 83.8% of his field goals (119 out of 142), and 92.9% (182 out of 196) of his additional points.



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