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Baker, Dunbar wanted over robbery allegations

Trouble could be brewing for New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar. The two have been accused of robbing partygoers at gunpoint.



According to a Thursday arrest warrant released by the Miramar Police Department, they were charged with four counts of armed robbery with weapons arising from an event on May 13.

For four charges of armed robbery with a pistol and four cases of serious weapon abuse, Baker is wanted. Miramar police said that Dunbar was also wanted for four counts of Armed Robbery with a pistol.

A total of US$ 12,400 and four watches valued at $61,100 were allegedly stolen by Baker and Dunbar and equipped with semi-automatic arms, according to the report during the raid. The report was not, however, able to say that Dunbar perpetrated the crime of a weapons aggravated assault.

Several house party members say Baker and Dunbar stole from them, according to the arrest warrant, thousands of dollars in money and valuable watches armed with guns.

One of the suspected casualties claimed that only two days before the accident and where they reportedly spent about $70,000, he encountered Baker and Dunbar at a party.

A spectator witnessed Baker aim a pistol at a partygoer, an incident that scared the man for his life. The accused assailant got $7,000 in cash from that guy and a Hublot Watch worth $25,000. At another time, Baker and an individual who was only known as “Shy” played cards with others when Baker and Shy at gunpoint, made away with money and other valuables.

CNN tried to find Baker ‘s representative, and no established communication is possible for Dunbar.

There is no custody for Baker or Dunbar as it stands.


Can they have any defenses?

The defense will be provided by Baker and Dunbar. They would justify well if they had an alibi and could prove why they weren’t at the party. This is not likely as many eyewitnesses informed the police that they saw Baker and Dunbar in the group and talked with them in several instances. E-evidence, including tracking cameras or photographs or videos taken on iPhone cameras of partygoers, may also place Baker and Dunbar on track. Baker is even probable. Moreover, multiple witnesses remember that Baker kept or carried a pistol, while Dunbar was allegedly armed as well.

Baker and Dunbar could argue, assuming they were at the party, that they were not serious and that they didn’t plan to deploy anything. The trouble with such an argument is the apparent disparity between many participants at the session. Baker and Dunbar returned things to the perpetrators, still provide a little hint. Baker and Dunbar could both argue that they possessed or accidentally abused the items — for example, into being wasted or high — and so lacked the appropriate motive to conduct the crime. This and other protections must be substantiated.

Law enforcement will be curious to see if Baker or Dunbar was prepared to testify against the other party. At any point, prosecutors might give one a deal in return for indulgence to bear witness against the other. Although the argument depicts both Baker and Dunbar as severely unfair, Baker is described as more of the tyrant than Dunbar. This might contribute to a greater goal being a conviction of Baker.


Other parties

An NFL spokesperson told CNN that this topic was understood, and no comment had been provided from the League office.

By way of the NFL Network Source Ian Rapoport, the NFL released the following statement: “We are aware of the matter but will decline further comment at this time.”

The Giants, who drafted Baker in 2019, confirmed that they had been in contact with him and had no remarks: “We are aware of the situation. We have been in contact with DeAndre. We have no further comment at this time.”

That March, Dunbar was transferred from the Washington Redskins to the Seahawks. His new team said, ” We are aware of the situation involving Quinton Dunbar still gathering information. We will defer all further comment to league investigators and local authorities.”

Since New York drafted him No. 30 overall in the draft 2019, Baker played 15 Giants games as a rookie last season. For Dunbar in the early offseason, the Seahawks exchanged the fifth pick to Redskins.


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