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Bills’ Ed Oliver speaks about his arrest in May, Says he felt violated by the Police Officers

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Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver has come up to speak about his unwarranted arrest in May. Last month, the charges leveled against him were dropped, but he still does not find anything right with the arrest or the way the arrest officers treated him.

Oliver was placed under arrested in Montgomery County, Texas, on May 16 and was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and DWI after the police had pulled him over under the suspicion of impaired driving. Oliver said he was still arrested even after blowing a .00% on him breathalyzer. The officers said. Otherwise, they said Oliver had an open beer between his legs and failed the sobriety test. No drugs were found, but a pistol was discovered.


“It didn’t feel right, and I, and I felt like I shouldn’t be doing this, I didn’t work my whole life to be in a jumpsuit and taken to jail. That’s how I felt violated” – Oliver.

“I’m not sure how one gets say life can hit you quick.. even if you’re innocent, you can still be arrested for things. You have got to do what you’ve got to do. If they say you have got to go to jail, do not resist, go to jail. It is not right, but it is what it is”.

Oliver asserted he even wanted to do an independent blood test to prove further that he was conscious, but before he could do the test, he was taken to jail and given a jumpsuit. For him, he believes he didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was after spending his whole life doing the right things.  He complained about the police not being understanding, and that completely frustrated him.

He recounts how he had tried to convince the officer that he wasn’t under the influence of any drug or drink that night, but failed. Eight days after his arrest, George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man, was murdered by police officers in Minneapolis for using counterfeit money. Oliver was then reminded of the importance of obeying the police, even if you’re right. Always obey before you complain. Oliver felt like he would have been in Floyd’s shoes if he hadn’t complied.

“It puts a lot of things into perspective, like, that could have been me,” he said. “If I did not just ‘yes sir, no sir’ and comply — all it took was for me to go the wrong way or do something the wrong way, and it could have been me. It so was tough at first, but after that, it still worked out and everything.

“It just put it in perspective like, you have got to slow down, and you have got to watch your surrounding and some stuff like that and try to keep yourself out of situations such as these because life is real and life comes at you very fast. I was on my way to my house; I was not expecting to be taken under custody. You never know, you can just be doing anything, and life would just hit you.”


What happened after his release from jail?

Oliver was released from jail a day after he was arrested and had to address his teammates. Some of them, he thinks, believed his story; others didn’t. He says he felt guilty in a way, but he had to tell his teammates the truth.

“I just ran all it to them, basically what happened,” he said. “Probably some of the guys were like, ‘I do not know if it happened like that.’ I was trying to tell them, and I feel like no one believed me. I just felt like I was guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty. I felt like everybody was like, ‘why were you drinking and driving, you cannot just be doing that.’

“I feel like some of the guys believed me; some of the guys thought it might be more to it. I told them the truth.”

The Bills has supported Oliver ever since his arrest, and when his charges where dropped, they were never happier. They had supported him throughout the offseason program and said it was a “priority” for them to let the legal process run its course.


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