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Chris Harris Jr. still unsure about player safety in 2020 NFL season

Los Angeles Chargers Harris Jr. isn’t sure whether he wants to be part of a training camp next week or not since he is anxious about the safety measures put in place.

Many players, including top NFL stars, took to social media to voice out their concerns about their health and safety before the start of camp, calling on the NFL and NFLPA to listen to their health experts. The union did as expected. Just yesterday, they announced to players that they would be tested daily, the first two weeks of the opening of camp


He doesn’t want to play in a season that could be canceled at some point in time

Players are expected to text negative twice before they can be allowed into the camp. The camp will be opened to rookies, quarterbacks, and injured players this week and veteran players next week. Chris Harris decided to join camp initially but seems to be having second thoughts at the moment. He admits to being in a dilemma, whether to join or not.

“I’ve been around people, I’ve been training, and a lot of people have been able to stay healthy. I think if I continue to do what I’ve been doing, wearing the mask around people and doing the proper things to stay clean and stay away from getting the virus, hopefully, I can continue to that same thing because I’ll be around a lot more people” he spoke to sky sports.

“Especially in the training camp where we’ll have 90 players usually, I’ve been around 30 people but not that many”. Chris Harris doesn’t want to enter a season that would be stopped or cancel at some point in time. So he wants the union to come up with a way to finish the season successfully while ensuring the health and safety of everybody.

The players association wants the preseason for this year canceled, and this shows a step towards resolution. According to new development, if the positivity rate of tests would be administered is low, or drops below 5%, they can push testing to every other day, but if it is above the 5%, they will keep testing every day until the number drops

These testings sill be among tier I and tier II individuals, thus general managers, assistant coaches, video personnel, security, and other essential personnel. Harris said he prefers to keep his family safe at home while he plays and is anxious to know how the union is going to go about testing.

“But I’m going to probably keep my family safe at home while where I can just not put them at any risk and be able to go out there and have a clear mind to play ball the best I can,” Harris said, “They just said they would be doing multiple tests, making sure we stay healthy. I think it was like only 20 players are allowed in the building at a particular time

“But that’s like the state to state depending on what the laws of the state are or what they’ve got in place. LA, they’ve been in lockdown on curfew, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they operate”. Harris thinks everything is going to be like practice to him. Especially with no fans coming over to the stadium.

The city of Philadelphia ordered that the Eagles play without fans, and on Monday, New York also announced the Jets and Giants would play without fans at MetLife stadium. Harris says he thrives off fans, their cheers, and the emotions. That’s why it would be weird without them for him.


Harris is also concerned about the rookies, and he believes they are not mentally ready

He sees a tough summer for rookies coming up this year even though they had more access to the playbook, but he believes that they are not mentally ready and are going to make a lot of mistakes at the beginning.

Players like Harris have a point to all of this, but they need to understand, they need to have a change of character to know that the union is going all they can to bring them to safety. No association will put their players or staff in danger, just like that. They’re not alone. Fans are watching, and if anything, they’ll raise their voices in protest.


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