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Colin Cowherd points out the key difference between Tom Brady and Lebron James

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Tom Brady has 3 rings while Lebron James has 1

Cowherd on Wednesday’s episode of “The Herd” did not want to discuss Brady’s recent retirement comments but he was sure that one thing could possibly extend Brady’s career. The American sports media personality went on to State major differences between Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James and England Patriots Tom Brady.

He mentioned earlier that athletes want it easier, once they have got the money, the fame, the rings and trophies, they want to go to work and have fun. Cowherd also thinks Lebron James is not in the same position as Brady, he believed LeBron came to Los Angeles hoping it would be easier after leaving Cleveland Cavaliers but it’s rather easier for Tom.

Lebron has never been better

Tom Brady has never been weaker at the quarterback, LeBron on the other side has never been better, he added. Colin also went on to say England has the deepest running backs in the game hence, winning was easier. In contrast, Lakers have no bench or point guard in the west for LeBron, winning will be harder.

Finally, he included another major difference between the two. He had said whenever Tom Brady was on bench, the defense did a good job by scoring whiles LeBron’s leads were not doing much when he was on bench. Colin concluded that LeBron had come to Lakers hoping rings, fame, titles and business but did not work out as planned and Brady was how most athletes wanted their career to end.

According to Colin Cowherd, he was trying to acknowledge the fact that Brady was living a better life being a better athlete than LeBron James meanwhile in February 2019, LeBron had referred to Brady as the G.O.A.T, the greatest of all time after Tom had celebrated his sixth Superbowl success. LeBron took to tweeter to congratulate Brady using a goat emoji and six rings, one for each Superbowl he won. Brady is clearly a successful quarterback.

James was equally successful, he has been to eight consecutive NBA finals while Brady will appear in his ninth Superbowl which may or may not be his last. Few months ago, Brady also referred to LeBron as a “better athlete”. He was asked about what he thought about Lebron and he had said he believed they were both similar athletes, both great size, speed and jumping ability but not quite the same at shooting hence, “he’s a much better athlete than me”.

3 years more of Tom Brady?

Both Lebron and Brady are good athletes but whoever is the best, is unknown. They’re both getting old and may think of retiring but who is retiring first or who isn’t?. Speaking about retirement, few days ago, ESPN’s Adam Schefter had come out to say Tom could be leaving Patriots very soon since he and his trainer had putten up their homes for sale though he believed Brady could change his mind. The question that was bugging everyone’s mind was where would Brady go or what could he be doing? Chances where that perhaps he can play for another team or retire. Retirement is a more likely decision he may take considering the fact that his wife wanted him to retire and have time for the family. Brady himself has said he may retire at age 45, he is 42 now, but anything is possible.

When James left Cleveland, a person familiar with him came out to comment that LeBron leaving the team could not have been about chasing a ring but rather could be something bigger. James had agreed to a four year $154 million deal with Lakers, he has two more years left out of the four year contract. Retirement? It’s an uncertainty because he had said he would play with his oldest son Lebron James Jr. when he is eligible to be drafted into the National Basketball Association, hence there is probably no sign that he might retire though he may not be finding it too easy at Lakers.

James and Tom, undeniably good athletes but with three rings under Brady’s belt in the last five years and only one for James, cowherd’s analysis may be just right. Perhaps we are not the judges.


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