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Dak Prescott believes that Anthem protests should be an Individual decision

The murder of 46-year-old George Floyd has opened the eyes of many people to racism and the unfair police brutality going on in the United States. Celebrities, service personnel, civilians, athletes have decided to protest against racism in different ways. Some football teams have decided to take a knee during national anthems. Some players agree, others do not. This has raised concerns; even the president of the United States has his own opinion about this.


Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott wants players to have the freedom to choose whether to protest against racial injustice or not

27-year-old Dak Prescott suggests that every player be given the liberty to decide whether to protest and choose how they want to protest if that is what they want. He referred to the team’s owner, Jones Jerry idea about showing grace. He believes in doing this individually but also supports the decision of his teammates.

“That’s what this country is about, the freedom to do that, the freedom to express yourself. We heard Mr. Jones talk about grace and sharing grace and having grace with players in what they want to do. If I had it my way, that’s exactly what we would do—express ourselves individually, but love and support one another collectively.” Prescott said on Wednesday.

A few times, Us president Donald Trump has trashed the gesture of taking a knee during the national anthem. To him, it is disrespectful to the flag. He declared that he would not watch a football match that begins with players taking a knee during the national anthem despite his love for the game. He has called for NFL players who disobey his order to be banned or sacked. The question remains, how will people of color be heard if they do not speak out against racism?

Dating from 2016, the knee taking gesture has been in existence. Some players do it, and others don’t. More often than not, players who refused to take a knee are discriminated against and tagged racists, but as Prescott suggests, protesting in any way an individual can be a personal decision and should be respected.


Coach Mike McCarthy shares the same thoughts with Prescott, what does Jones Jerry think?

On Thursday, coach Mike McCarthy spoke on the issue, and it looks like he entirely agrees with Prescott. “I think it’s what’s best for all of us. I think the individuality of expressing is part of that decision,” McCarthy said. “I saw Dak’s comments this morning, and I think he expressed it very well. I thought he hit the nail right on the head, and that’s the way we will move forward.”

It is unclear what Jerry Jones decision is at the moment. In the past, he told his players to stand or not play. But earlier this year, he seems to be more open to player gestures by telling the media he and his players will show grace at matches. He has taken some interest in the matter challenging, he had pledged $1 million for police reform after the death of George Floyd, and he is also in the process of starting programs through his foundation. It was reported that Jones was not part of a team meeting last week that discussed the shooting of black American Jacob Black at Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the continuous calls and discussion for social justice. The teams’ executive vice president was present.

When McCarthy was asked if the team will be meeting with Jones soon, he said: “I would say that those conversations are ongoing. There have been conversations, and frankly, what comes out of those conversations is probably more to the people that are in them. It’s not, frankly, something I’m specifically going to talk on. This has been an ongoing conversation since we got together there back in April and May.”

Prescott wants people to educate themselves, especially during the sensitive times the world is facing. He advises his fellow players to educate themselves and spread awareness by taking on a particular role that they think they can play in their various communities. In doing him, they must have trust, trust in themselves, and the circumstances.



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