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Dallas Cowboy’s Randy Gregory desperately wants to be reinstated after he was suspended earlier this year

27- year-old defensive end Randy Gregory is very frustrated about his indefinite suspension, he took to social media to rant about being unfairly treated in attempts to be reinstated. Gregory had applied for reinstatement in March, but his request was denied. According to sources, he could be allowed around the team in some fashion even if he could not practice.


“I’m doing everything that’s asked of me, and I’m in great shape”- Gregory

Well, it looks like Gregory can’t have that much patience, it’s been close to 6 months. A request for comment from the National Football League regarding Gregory’s status has been made, but there has been no response from that side yet.

“I miss playing football and being a player in the NFL, I’m doing everything that is asked of me, and I’m in great shape. Physically, mentally and emotionally, but I’m being held back from furthering my career because of COVID-19 and testing. I’ve been ready to play and test for months and still have gotten little to no help to resolve my reinstatement”, Gregory wrote.

“I’m asking more questions than I’m getting answered. It’s amazing that the powers that can keep passing the bucks and also use this pandemic as a way to prevent me from joining my team. Telling me to sit and wait in limbo over things I can’t control, all the while, doing right off the field is unfair and flat out wrong!!!!,”

Gregory was suspended indefinitely in February this way for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. That was his fourth suspension since he was drafted in 2015 by the Cowboys. He was cleared and reinstated in July 2018 after he was suspended in 2017. Gregory was banned twice for 14 total games in 2016 for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

He was initially suspended because he had failed a drug test during the scouting combine before the 2015 NFL draft. His lawyer, Daniel Moskowitz, had been trying to check him into a rehab clinic in Southern California, but Gregory refused.

Under the new collective bargaining agreement terms, players will no longer be suspended for a positive test for marijuana, but Gregory was penalized under the old system. A player can continue to be suspended for missing tests or not taking part in a care plan. For now, he will need to be welcomed back by commissioner Roger Goodell.

Because of his suspension in 2016, he missed 30 out of 32 games in the regular season and had missed all of last season after playing in only 14 games in 2018. He has played in only 28 of 80 regular-season games in his career.  The Dallas Cowboys seem to have so much hope in him, they even agreed to an extension with him last year, but the league blocked that.

The league recently reinstated Aldon Smith after multiple suspensions since 2015, he has passed numerous tests with the last year and agrees to the strict aftercare program. Gregory can come back to play, but he needs a complete change of character. Repeated violations will only leave a dark reputation everywhere he goes, being frustrated will not be of any help at the moment.


What do fans think about his suspension and the new developments?

“This hit me in the stomach, but not because we probably lost a good pass rusher for good. I feel awful for him. Dude was in a dark place when he got suspended last time. I hope he has people he can count on. I can’t even say I’m angry with him because it sounds like he has a serious problem. I wish him the very best. I’m rooting for him to get his life together.” Says a fan.

“I try to give Randy the benefit of the doubt because people often oversimplify the situation by saying, “just stop smoking weed!” when in his case, it seems like there are some serious mental health issues at play. I was glad the organization stuck by him for so long, but I’m afraid this seals his future, which concerns me for his ongoing mental health. Hope he gets the help he needs.” another fan reasoned.

Does Gregory need help with his mental health? Or is he just being an addict? What do you think?


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