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DeAndre Baker has been charged with four robbery counts with a firearm, accomplice Dunbar not charged

New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker was involved in a robbery incident in May alongside Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar. Broward state attorney Mike Satz announced on Friday that Baker had been charged with four counts of armed robbery. If he gets convicted, he could face up to 10 years in state prison or even life imprisonment.


Dunbar not charged

Dunbar hasn’t been charged due to a lack of evidence. Andrew Rier told ESPN on Friday that, “Quinton is gratified, he thanks God, he thanks his family. He thanks his defense team, and he thanks the Seahawks for sticking with him the whole time.”

“I think [the decision] speaks for itself,” Rier added. “I think they did not have enough information to proceed, and they came to the just conclusion, and I appreciate the time and effort that they put into it to come to this conclusion.”

Baker’s attorney Patrick G. Patel took to Twitter to express his disbelieve. “Disgusting, and no, I won’t hold back on behalf of this young man. To charge a young man based on admitted liars testimony is why we need a change in Broward from the old guard. I implore you all to go out and vote, don’t waste your vote,” he lamented on Instagram.

“We will now expose the hypocrisy at the case filing level. The way the office of the state of attorney ‘teamed’ up with these convicted felons and offered them to come in and explain why they changed their stories multiple times without fear of prosecution”.

Baker’s lead attorney, Bradford Cohen does not feel less disappointed, he shares the same sentiment with Patel, both of them want Broward’s old guard to be less corrupt and work for justice, not corruption. “We need a change in the old guard in Broward County, and it can’t be the same “charge now and let the courts sort it out” this is what got us to where we are now with the state of the system.  I’m not worried about”.


DeAndre Baker

DeAndre was accused of committing armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm in Miramar, Florida, on May 13. According to an affidavit that was released by the Miramar Police department, Baker, Dunbar, and an unidentified third person threatened attendees at a gathering with Baker reportedly brandishing a semiautomatic firearm.

He had ordered a third person wearing a red mask to shoot an individual just walking in the door.

It was also reported that he directed Dunbar to take cash worth $12,400 and four watches worth an estimated $61,100. $18,000 Rolex, $25,000 Hubolt and an $17,500 Audemars Piguet. One victim told police officers that he had met Baker and Dunbar at an event days before the incident where the two cornerbacks allegedly lost $70,000.

Other allegations were that he had paid off his robbery victims, according to a search warrant, the four alleged victims said in a sworn statement that they took the payoff worth $55,000. However, Bakers’ legal team, which is led by Cohen and Petal, still believed he is innocent ever since he was charged. His attorneys deny that Baker participated in a cover-up scheme.


What’s next for both Baker and Dunbar?

Recently, Baker and Dunbar were placed on the NFL’s commissioner’s exempt list. Which means, they will be paid but will not count against the teams 90 men roster limit and will not be allowed to attend any Giants- related activities or appear at the Quest Diagnostics Training center during training camp or the regular season.

In his case, and every other case, the commissioner is the only one who has the authority to determine whether their time in the list will be finite or be lifted. The judge responsible for Baker’s case has since said he leaves the matter associated with the free listing on the side of the league and will not comment on it.

According to information gathered by the authorities, the whole incident was a planned robbery because witnesses saw three getaway cars strategically parked for immediate departure.

Why does the court not find any evidence against Dunbar? Are they just being partial? Because it’s not stated clearly what evidence they found against Baker, apart from the fact that he paid off his victims and carrying a gun. What about the three cars? Who do they belong to?




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