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Derek Carr is “Tired of Being Disrespected”

Even like he was the QB1 for Silver and Black for the past six years, Derek Carr is the Las Vegas Raider, who plays quarterback in 2020.

Nonetheless, this time around in his heart, there will be a bit more fuel and a bigger target on his shoulder.

Last Tuesday, Carr asked if he had considered quitting the following season. He insisted on getting too many for him to justify his opinions.

“I did not. I have a lot to prove to myself. I have a lot to prove to my organization. I’m going to be completely honest with you: I’m tired of being disrespected,” Carr told reporters on Tuesday. “There was no question I was going to play this year.”

Carr will continue an unnoticed and quietly exciting season in 2019. He was a six-season starter, with just two starts missing and throwing more than 4,000 meters over the last two seasons — something that none of the previous QB raiders did. However, during his tenure as a franchisee, he led the Raiders to just one winning season and was frequently disciplined for being careful on his throws instead of trying to flee home.

Carr sees how he is viewed as having much to do with “hype” and how his staff retains or lacks the real potential he and his co-workers possess. The quarterback professed to reflect instead of talking about what lies inside the locker room.

“It’s not about proving anybody wrong. It’s about just going to getting that Super Bowl trophy with my teammates,” Carr said. “It has nothing to do with anybody outside, but on the inside, we want to hold that trophy. Because, what I’m tired of, the hype machine that sometimes the NFL can be. I played way better last year than I did in 2016, yet all we do is talk about that. Well, we won 12 games, so oh yeah, everyone’s excited. I’m done with all that stuff. So, you can say a good thing, you can say bad stuff. I think you can sense it in the last probably year or so, and I don’t care anymore, you can say whatever you want. I’m trying to win that Super Bowl, so we can hang one of these banners in this beautiful indoor that we’ve got. And then I want to try and do it again and then I want to try to do it again until I’m too old or they kick me out of this place.

“As soon as we go and win 12 games, Darren Waller’s going to be top 10 on the NFL list, as he should’ve been this year; you can’t tell me there are 95 better players than Darren Waller, as he walks by right here. I won’t believe it. How’s Rodney Hudson not on there? How’s Trent Brown, the best right tackle in all of the football not on that list? It’s this hype machine, as soon as we start winning everyone’s Madden ratings go up. Shocker. I’m tired of all that kind of stuff, and I’m not playing those games anymore. Honestly, I’m happy that we’re doing it that way. If we win, awesome, we’re going to keep grinding. I’m just going to stay true to what I do.”

Carr has produced fine, if not impressive, numbers every season. As Carr said, it is undoubtedly admiration and appreciation that follows for you to match team progress.


Carr’s Numbers

Over six seasons, Carr threw the Raiders 143 touchdowns. His 55 career losses are also the second most within the first six seasons of a rising quarterback. In 2019, the Raiders went 7–9, a step up from the 2018 record of 4–12. Carr has had a variety of opportunities as he completed 70.4 percent of his 4,054-yard attempts, 21 touchdowns, and just 8 interceptions. Nonetheless, Carr seems to have continued his successful 2016 career, where he finished 12-3 times and others have been asked if head coach Jon Gruden will adjust in the middle of 2020.



While there is a pandemic COVID-19, many NFL players still set themselves ambitious expectations. Tyreek Hill is trying to record 2,000 yards, Michael Thomas believes that in a single season he will shatter his NFL record, and Derek Carr — who only wants to prove he’s the future for the Las Vegas Raiders. Carr reporters have told him that in the year 2020, a pandemic will not keep him from moving forward, as he has work to do.



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