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Eli Manning could be reconsidering retirement plans

38-year-old Manning may want to continue playing as a starting quarterback in 2020 but not for the Giants.

Eli Manning took Daniel Jones’s spot as a starting quarterback after he was injured a few days ago. Jones came down with a high ankle injury and has been unable to play or practice for a while now, hence, Giants are left with Manning to lead them to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles tonight.

However, fans and many others believe this could be Manning’s final year in New York and a farewell tour for the veteran quarterback. According to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, there are people close to Manning, close acquaintances, who believe he might want to keep playing in 2020. Manning is in his final year with the Giants, and sources say he will be looking for a job outside New York.

He plays well, though he has been slow in recent times. He would like to join a contending team, and it will be unclear how many opportunities will be out there for him. If Chicago Bears decide to move from Mitchell Trubisky, the could consider Manning. Raanan also mentioned Tennessee Titans, but would they let go of Ryan Tannehill, after he has played so well since the took over from Marcus Mariota and appears to have convinced the Titans he can be their starter beyond this season?

That said, what if Manning is happy about being in New York? what if this is his last year, but he would like to stay with the Giants some more? Let’s do a quick recap after it was announced that the Giants had benched Manning and named Jones as their starting quarterback, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen took to tweeter to report that Manning did not seem like he wanted to play for another team, why? “Don’t get the sense that Eli Manning wants to go play for another team, remember this: he has the no-trade clause,” he tweeted.

Potential teams

Let’s come back to probable destinations for Manning, The real analysis. In case he really decides to call it quits with the New York Giants, where would he go? Fine, he’s old, he’ll be 39 next year but has played well, he has won the Superbowl title two times, he played for 15 years in the game and has the experience, and so many franchises will be glad to sign him. Hence, he could join a team who does not have a very strong quarterback or join a team as a bridge quarterback. Basically, a team that drafts a rookie they do not want to play on day 1.

  1. First, let us consider the Tennessee Titans, as suggested by Raana. Both Marcus Mariota and Eli Manning will be free agents next year, Ryan has taken Mariota’s and proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is good enough. If Manning does not consider retiring, he would be a perfect bridge into the future if they consider looking at the draft. Since the Titans already have good players to stay in the playoff hunts, they could not really be bothered.
  2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers could make good use of a quarterback since Winston is playing on his fifth-year option, and there is no sign of a long term contract. The Buccaneers are probably ready to move on or maybe not. They have the National Football League’s fifth-ranked offense despite a quarterback that has been sacked 40 times.
  3. Miami Dolphins will be looking for a quarterback next year. Yes they have Ryan Fitzpatrick, they signed him through 2020, but Manning knows the coach, he knows the system and has experience. Will take change anything? Will the “it’s by whom you know” phrase help him?

How Manning will play tonight will determine his faith, he could convince a team to take him or not. How is social media reacting to the news? What is their response?, ” Perfect contract swap would have been jaguars Nick Foles for Eli contract…… Nick Foles would have been a backup or mentor to Daniel Jones,” a fan suggested.” As much as I hate to see him in another uniform, I could see Eli on the bears. Mitch is awful and I can see Eli being a veteran placeholder while they search for their future QB.” Another fan reasoned.

A good thing will always speak for itself; hopefully, Manning’s hard work will not be wasted, he may be 39 but he is still strong, should they give him a chance?



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