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Gronkowski looks forward to uniting with Tom Brady at Tampa Bay

Tom Brady with a football

Rob Gronkowski wants to return to football after taking a much-needed break. In March 2019, the tight end had announced his retirement. The reason being he needed to focus on his health and wellbeing, considering his history of injuries. He had won three super bowl rings and earned five Pro Bowl selection in his nine-year career with the patriots.


Gronkowski has the chance to return to football with the Tampa bay buccaneers alongside Tom Brady

After returning the league this offseason, he has reunited with former teammate Tom Brady, who has also fled from the Patriots after playing with them for 20 years. In an interview on NFL 32 Live, Gronk couldn’t hide his excitement and expectancies. Not only does he want to play with Brady again, but he also misses the game and everything it ever gave him.

“it feels good to be back doing what I love, catching passes from Tom, making blocks for the running back—just doing what I do. Running up and down, running up the seams, just all over the place. I love the game of football and being out there with my mates.”

Gronk stated that he took a break to take care of himself, just like he had said in September last year. He admitted to leaving the game but still carrying it in his heart. It looks like Gronk has been looking forward to this comeback, and most definitely cannot wait to get back unto the field with Brady. Who doesn’t love the duo in action? They both connected 7786 yards and 78 touchdowns when they were playing together in Foxborough, and they are fifth on the list of most prolific touchdown combinations in NFL history.

“At the time, I just needed a break from football. I love the game, I love watching the game, but I just needed a break. I’d been playing football and all sports for my whole life, so I just needed a little rest.” Gronk said. “I took care of myself, and I felt like I was ready to come back and play, and what better situation can it be than coming down to Tampa and playing with tom? It’s a fantastic organization. I’m just glad to be back.”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t been to the playoffs since 2007, with the experience Brady and Gronk have, hopefully, they can lead them in the future. At Brady’s age, is he up for the task ahead? What does Gronk think?

Gronk believes that Brady has not changed since he had known him. At 43 years old, he knows where to put the ball, when he needs to put it, be it short routes, deep routes, or intermediate routes, he sure knows how to go about it.

“Where ever the ball needs to be, he’s placing it,” Gronk said in admiration. “It’s a lot of fun to be a part of it. We’ve been part of an organization our whole lives, and there’s a lot of guys that jump around, it’s a new situation for both of us.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are happy and optimistic, looking forward to having both players on the field. They are hyped up, making changes here and there. Shaq Barrett has been doing a great job with the defense, Tom Brady, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin have the offense alongside Gronkowski, Howard, and Cameron Brate. But just like everyone else, Gronk knows that hype will not take them to the playoffs. They need to work harder, train harder, and work better.

“There’s always going to be hype, that’s how you sell papers, that’s how you get people to read the headlines, the articles. Hype doesn’t mean anything, and you have to play the game. I love hype. It gets everyone excited for sure, but in the end, when it comes down to the game, it’s about who puts the work in.”

That’s some foremost advice for the buccaneers, teamwork and great performances are proof that a team is competitive. Without it, there can be good players in a team, but the team won’t be recognized. Gronk does have a point, and they should ignore the hype and work harder.


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