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Mitchell Schwartz talks about what he’s doing when he’s not playing Football

Kansas City Chiefs have seen a champion in Schwartz; he is a great player, he was even a 2018 first-time All-Pro, and his fans love him. They love him for many reasons, including being an incredible player and a good cook. There are two things you’re bound to see on his Instagram page of over 96,000 followers, him playing Football and sharing photos of mouthwatering dishes, captioning them with their recipes.


Serving Fans with Recipes to Sumptuous Meals

According to Schwartz, cooking and sharing dishes on social media is a way of interacting with fans and sharing their interest. Fans love what he does, judging from their comments and likes on social media. He also believes that apart from being a celebrity or an athlete, fans like to know what else is going on in the personal lives of the people they follow.

In agreement, being up-close and personal with favorite celebrities, sharing in their moment, and getting away from all the seriousness is why fans follow their favorite stars. That’s why some celebrities have dedicated their accounts to share with fans their daily activities, including the food they eat every day, their workout sessions, their pets, and so on.

“It’s another way to interact with fans—fans have an interest in how you play and how you’re doing on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays, but they’re also interested in what you’re doing in your personal life. They want to get to know you better, and that’s an outlet for me to show a little creativity,” Schwartz said.

“Typically, in most households, someone is cooking a meal, whether it’s once a week or every night. Everyone has a vested interest in good food”. He added. This is very true. Every individual has an interest in good food, and in these unfortunate times, people need to keep sane and happy to manage stress and anxiety whiles staying home. Cooking is proven to help many people manage stress.

“The thing people are struggling with is not seeing coworkers and friends, but not having interactions. So you’re relying heavily on the social media side of it. Being able to do that has been a lot of fun. I have the time to post stuff and respond to people and react.”

The 31-year-old has had the habit of sharing recipes online for a long time. Still, it has intensified within the past few months, and this is because he revealed that he had had more time on his hands recently, because of the pandemic, to plan his dishes, listen to the opinion on his fans, do some research and create a masterpiece.

As an athlete, he is an epitome of healthy living. But what is healthy living without good food? Not only does he post his dishes on Instagram, but he also takes it unto his blog, called


The offensive tackle reveals that cooking meals and sharing photos and recipes are ways to get closer to his fans

The Chiefs love his cooking, that’s for sure. They have featured some of his recipes on their website. They had even placed him into duty at a fan event during the 2019 draft, where he grilled burgers. Before the pandemic, Schwartz was responsible for grilling steaks, burgers, or briskets at offseason get together.

His teammate Austin Reiter attested to the fact that Schwartz meals are delicious. The choice of meat he uses are the best as well. “it was great, if you get there late, it was all gone, I think we had 30 hamburgers one day, and they were gone in like,20, 30 minutes.” Austin said.

Schwartz doesn’t consider himself the best cook. He said he typically follows recipes, gets the necessary ingredients, and makes something interesting out of it. He is concerned about wasting their monies on bland brisket when they can do it right at home. He wants to teach people and have fun doing it.

Should Schwartz retire from Football today, he still has an admirable feature that would go a long way to help him. He could set up his restaurant. ‘Mitch’s BBQ,’ as impressive as that sounds, Schwartz still loves Football very much.


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