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Heisman trophy: Joe Burrow leads the group of four finalists

The four finalists have been named, who wins? Their success and achievements are being compared

A group of four players was revealed on Monday to be the Heisman Trophy finalists; they have been invited to the ceremony on Saturday night in New York City. Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts, Ohio State defensive end Chase Young, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, and Ohio State quarterback Justin fields were chosen.

The Heisman Trophy or the Heisman Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to outstanding NCAA football players. They look for players with qualities such as productivity, diligence, perseverance, and hard work.

Burrow is the talk of town. His latest odds coming in at a staggering -50,000 in the SEC championships against Georgia, he has also broken records for touchdown and yardage, throwing 4,715 years and 48 touchdowns in 13 appearances and he is currently sitting at 77.9% for the season. According to sources, he is a big favorite of both the analysts and fans and no players has ever received 100% of the first-place votes for the Heisman title with only Reggie Bush being the closest at 91.77% in 2005, and in 2006, Tory Smith followed up being the second closest at 91.63% of the votes!

His coach thinks he deserves to win the Trophy. “In my opinion, he should win it, he’s going to win it,” he emphasized, ” the best thing about Joe is he’s a team player, all he wants to do is win the game. Individual awards are not high on his list; that’s what makes him such a great player,” he added.

Joe has praised himself as well and is confident he could win since he is currently leading with the stats and opinions from fans and analysts. “I think it really started last year. We had a lot of people coming back,” Burrow said. “We lost three starters, I think, and we were young on offense last year. I think towards the end of the year; you saw us kind of starting to gel. You know, when I first got here, I felt like it was kind of — you had the offense, and you had the defense, and now you have LSU. That really started the middle of last year. They started really gelling as a team, and this is as close as I’ve ever been to anybody.”

Having a nonoffensive player winning the Heisman title is a bit rear; the only case recorded was in 1997, where Charles Woodson won and that was even because he had some skills as a punt returner. But Burrow can also be said to have taken Joe Brady’s broad scheme as a thrower, a runner, and a leader.

Who are the other finalists?

Justin Fields, another finalist, on the other hand, has tossed 40 touchdowns against only one interception. He added 471 yards and 10 more touchdowns on the ground, and he is the only one in 11 years who has combined such productivity and efficiency. Fields had sprained his MCL but still played with a brace on his knees to neat Michigan and Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championships game.

Ohio States Chase Young also added 44 tackles to the season while leading the Big Ten in tackles for loss(21). He had broken Ohio single-season record, which was previously held by Gholston in 2007. Chase served a two-game suspension because of NCAA eligibility issues that had to with him borrowing a loan from a family friend in September. That’s not a good record.

Jalen Hurts, the young man who put a high 3,634 yards with 32 touchdowns and seven interceptions, added 1,255 rushing yards and 18 scores. He also led the Sooners to a 30-23 overtime win. Jalen’s name had not been coming up in Heisman talks but his numbers did just the trick.

There were other excellent players who could not make it on the list, Clemson’s quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Wisconsin’s running back Jonathan Taylor were among those who could not qualify according to Heisman official site.

The winner will now have the opportunity to go down in college history by becoming the 85th winner of the Trophy after Kyler Murray, who won it in 2018 beating Dwayne Haskins and Tua Tagovailoa. Burrow may be having the fan base and all, but can he win? Or will it be someone else?

May the best win!


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