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New England Patriots gain more cap space after major twist

Tom Brady to leave Patriots after season

On Saturday, the New England Patriots acquired a great deal of versatility.

Recently the Patriots resolved two salary limit grievances, which were returned to 6.55 million dollars by informed sources, reported NFL Network Insider, Ian Rapoport.

Rapoport noted that Antonio Brown, a former Patriots beneficiary, had been named in one of these allegations from his two-week stint last year. In October, Brown filed a lawsuit to receive his full $1 million base salaries and $9 million signing bonus following the cut-down by the organization in September over complaints of sexual harassment. Brown is currently collecting $5 million of his salary, while his squad receives another $4 million.

The other issue concerned Aaron Hernández’s succession to the late tight end. Rapoport reported that the family of Hernandez was asking for a cumulative $6 million, but it earned $3.45 million, and the remainder, $2.55 million, was returned to the team. In October 2013, the NFLPA first submitted the motion on behalf of Hernandez.

In all, in the past few weeks, the Pats who have restructured the Rex Burkhead deal with Cam Newton now has $7.8 million in cap space and made a large yet cost-effective splash.

As this news may come in as splendid, what can Patriots do with their extra cash?


Available Options for the Patriots

According to the Last Word on Pro Football, the Patriots can take advantage of looking at these possibilities.


A “David Njoku” Trade

The New England Patriots of 2019 also did not look at the offense properly. Although the hidden attack was carried out by several people, the uninspiring, tight end room was one of the most significant factors. The trio of Matt LaCosse, Ryan Izzo, and Ben Watson left plenty to be desired and potentially formed the weakest near end party in the NFL. Without Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots had not been prepared for freedom.

In the NFL draft with Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene, the Patriots discussed the needs for talented tight ends. Both players have a lot of hope for the future, but in 2020 they will possibly not do anything. Tight-end positions are extremely tough, and many prospects require one or two seasons before they’re able to play at NFL. Even for the shorter off-season, will this learning curve be steeper?

David Njoku is frustrated by the Cleveland Browns team and looks for a new home. The recent first-round pick has regularly flashed his innate gifts but never hit his peak at Cleveland. If dealt, it’d be the perfect finish of the roster for week 1 for Njoku, which will be $1.7 million salary impact. The team could also use more playmakers even with Cam Newton in town. Njoku is potentially the best possible offensive arm, so it wouldn’t cost much to use him.


Do Nothing!
Well, as shocking as this may be, it is also an option.

Nothing is the dull alternative, but potentially the smart option. Seventy-five million dollars sound like more money, but it could be decreased over the entire season. Every team in the league needs some funds during the season to sign players when injury strikes inevitably. Thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the likelihood of players who lose time is especially high in 2020.

Also, if the patriots are happy and relatively safe, over the entire season, they still need a bit of spending money. For the coming season, Cam Newton has a tolerated small-cap figure, but it may rise with the success of the season. The 2021 limit will impact, with an exemption, much of the financial strain from the Newton incentive-laden contract.

Newton played just two games last year and collected money for the cumulative game of the previous year. According to @patscap, for any extra game, Newton plays the Patriots will have $612,500 as a wire. Over time, this money is added to the finances of New England.

While Newton will not start all 16 games, the Patriots may roll their room better by 2021. The 2021 wage cap is much lower than expected thanks to COVID-19. While the precise figure needs to be calculated, one may conclude that some teams would not be able to make significant industry shifts. For the Patriots, it is fantastic news because the books will be coming out in 2020 with a lot of money. More space is always a great thing in the buyers’ market, especially if talented players such as Allen Robinson and Curtis Samuel have a free agency.


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