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NFL players given opportunity to opt-out of entire season

With Covid-19 still lurking around and the NFL resumption fast approaching, many have shown concern. Players have expressed how nervous they have been, and the general public has been wondering if any plans have been made to ensure that the League goes on smoothly as well as prevent the spread of the virus on various grounds.

The League also seeks to understand how to overcome various coronavirus pandemic issues. One of the main obstacles at the moment is that if the players are not confident putting their safety at risk, they are allowed to sit out during the season.

It seems that the two parties have decided to let players opt for the concept after several weeks of talks between the NFL and NFLPA. According to, the League and the union are preparing to encourage players to sit-out, which could be significant because it ensures that any player on either team may do so without having to face a suspension for the 2020 season.

The development can add an exciting turn to the season, particularly if anyone chooses not to play in the beginning quarterback.

Under the NFL and NFLPA program, there will also be no strict opt-out rules. Any player with a pre-existing condition could sit out. Players with pre-existing conditions are allowed to opt-out for themselves. Any player who also has concerns about the pandemic could even sit out, opening the door for virtually every player to sit out for the season.



There are also some issues to consider before the opt-out is enforced. One beautiful thing is that players must opt-out. According to, this week, general management in the League has been told that the opt-out would come with a difficult time limit. Anyone that wishes to sit back in 2020 will declare theirself before the deadline, but the deadline has not been set.

Coaches, with most of them in the risk group, could be subject to the same policy because of their age. If any League staff don’t feel safe to play, the NFL may be able to let them sit out during the season.

The other big question is how teams can treat the deal of any player who wants to sit out. One choice would be to have the agreement stay the same with everything going forward one year.

While the execution of this policy remains to be seen on how wages are charged for the individuals involved, this may be a step in the right direction for the NFL. The League appears to be confident that the 2020 season is going to come, but that is not as confident as a few weeks ago.

The NFL and NFLPA are currently discussing the procedures that players will follow during and in the preseason at the training camp, and you can learn more here. One important thing that the NFLPA hopes to do is cancel the entire preseason.

“When you hear ‘nonessential’ that’s starting from the standpoint that it puts in perspective of where football should be, its entertainment.” Dukes of 92.9, the game said, “Guys get paid to entertain, they get paid because they’re very talented and they’re entertaining us. That’s why we pay top dollar, that’s why the TV dollars are what they are, there’s nothing like it because the drama involved plays out in real life and in real-time. But is it essential and so when Malcolm says that, I just asked earlier, are there more guys in the League that feel this way? If we get to training camp and things happen to be worse, I think you’re going to have more outspoken football players come out saying is this truly the right thing to do.”


Other related issues

As among other coronavirus-related transfers, the NFL has announced many changes in the past several weeks about the 2020 season. The most significant move was the cancellation of half the preseason. As for the regular season, the NFL is already apparently hopeful that the 2020 season will be able to start on schedule, given the latest wave of new COVID-19 cases across the world.

From the viewpoint of fans, stuff will still have a much different feel. For one, stadiums won’t be packed to capacity. The first six to eight rows of every stadium should be sealed off by a tarp, and some clubs, including the Ravens, have already confirmed that their stadium will be reduced to 14,000 people. The NFL is now exploring the idea of allowing fans to sign a waiver should they wish to watch a game.



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