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NFL reduces the time frame for pre-season

Coronavirus Pandemic has affected many activities and businesses. One of the worst-hit industries is the sporting industry, and in America, Sports cannot be mentioned without the NFL.

NBA has returned. Soccer in most European countries has also taken full flight. With the NFL yet to go into full swing, it looks like a few things need to be considered, and measures need to be put in place.


Pre-season cut by half

This year the NFL pre-season would feel special, and that’s because it has been halved. CBS Sports NFL Analyst Jason La Canfora confirmed that next year’s League would take two weeks off. Both games scheduled for the pre-season weeks 1 and 4 will be canceled. The announcement means that the Coronavirus pandemic has already taken a minimum of 33 games to an end. The Hall of Fame initially planned for August 8, has already been confirmed by the NFL.

According to La Canfora, we can see more cancelations as the NFL already finds the chance to scrap the pre-season.

It is not a total shock that the Liga has agreed to break back the half of the foretime. Since the start of June, the NFL has had the choice with the League now just weeks away, clearly found it necessary that a decision would be made earlier rather than later.

Although weeks 1 and 4 are postponed the matches already scheduled for week 2 and 3 will not automatically be the matches that would eventually happen. — participant should play a home game and an away game on the shorter preliminary season according to the Miami Herald, but in weeks 2 and 3, not all can play one. To fix this issue, the NFL is revising the pre-season timetable as early as Thursday. This program should be enforced.

The reason that the NFL decided to cancel Weeks 1 and 4 is that that made the most sense, according to Pro Football Talk, the first source to report the truncation of the pre-season. Week 1 has been shortened so that athletes and staff will train more until their first game is played. Week 4 has been removed, and as usual, this is the most pointless pre-season week with daily newcomers barely played.

Up to July 28, NFL teams also expect to check on veterans at the training camp. The first week of games was postponed for a prolonged period as clubs seek and set up and enforce procedures and limit the presence and spread of the infection, while still supplying participants with more time to focus on off-season training. Furthermore, dropping the final week creates a complete break until the next season starts on September 10.

The NFL has always been hopeful that the 2020 season will launch on schedule following the cancelation of half of the pre-season. The team aims to finalize the procedures for the year, so there will be a lot of training almost inevitably. On June 16, Medical Director of NFLPA Thom Mayer reported players would be screened up to three times a week to avoid the virus from spreading.

The NFL has already reported many modifications in regards to the 2020 season over the past two weeks, aside from canceling pre-season play. One is that the top six to eight rows are covered with a tarp in each stadium. The League often discusses that players should submit a waiver should they want to play in a game.

Since the start of June, the NFL has had this choice with the League, and now with just weeks out, the authorities considered it necessary that a decision would be made earlier rather than later.


Measures the NFL is Taking Against COVID-19

Side canceling some pre-season games, the NFL has put in some other measures to ensure that the impact of COVID-19 on the sport is minimal. One of the most controversial ones is the NFL fans’ waiver.

The NFL would want spectators to watch matches in the stadiums even during the pandemic; however, they (NFL) do not want to be held liable for what might happen to fans who attend to watch games in these times.

The NFL would want spectators to engage in a pandemic at sports. The NFL is not liable for what might happen to fans who play in pandemic sports.

Daniel Kaplan of notes that the NFL takes into account the requirement for fans to sign waiver agreements shielding the team against litigation on the terms of COVID-19 contracts. By the middle of next week, the probable exemption will be sent to teams.


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