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Nick Chubb eager to leave make progress

Last year, Cleveland Browns did not go as planned, but it was nearly a landmark season for Nick Chubb.

Chubb ended his campaign in 2019 as League leader rushing, with a 32 carry performance of 211-yard performance hours after Tennessee’s Derrick Henry blowing past his yard. Nick Chubb came close to be crowned rushing king even with the fighting and controversies that engulfed the Browns in 2019. He then got stuck in the vast shadow of hulking Henry, who watched the Titans lead the AFC championship.

Chubb said Tuesday, the second-place finish is just a result of the past.

“[It did] not bother me,” Chubb said during a video-conference call with reporters. “Just more motivation. I am trying to do it this year and just working out, as I always do, working hard and running hard. I believe everything happens for a reason, and you keep working and striving, and things will fall into place for you. That is my mindset.”


Nick’s Enthusiasm with Kareem Hunt

He ended the season with 1.494 running yards, about 47 yards behind the rustling ring title team, Hunt’s return never slowed Chubb ‘s production. Yet the browns were stronger than Chubb and Hunt, who in 2017 dominated the NFL, which had 464 yards in the backfield, at receiving yards. Chubb wanted that.

Next, Chubb is going to have 16 games with Hunt. Every week a headache for defense coordinators will be the rushed Browns attack, but what happens if Chubb divides more carries?

“Whatever happens, I trust the coaching staff, and I trust the team,” he said Tuesday in a Zoom call with local reporters. “I know they’re putting us in the best position to win, so however it looks, I’m fine with it.”


Stefanski keeps raining praises on Chubb

Since his first day at work, Coach Kevin Stefanski has praised Chubb, and that’s nothing surprising. Stefanski ‘s dream player Chubb will perpetuate a wide-scale, heavy offense in Cleveland in his first year. The nominee Chubb is a perfect match to crack 100 yards in any game.

“Nick Chubb, man, wow, the tape is so impressive,” Stefanski said in his introductory press conference in January. “I can’t wait to meet Nick Chubb, the person, because everyone is raving about him.”

Hunt is also a perfect match. He’s still a candidate to crack 100 yards in every contest, but that’s a lot tougher to do if he’s split with a Pro-Bowl team.

With Chubb and Hunt, Stefanski will have many choices. Chubb is a downhill racer who can take chunk winnings in every game and muscle in every defense line. Hunt also has the ability to hand over but also stands out when it turns check-downs into big plays and slots.

Stefanski must try to align both teams with the right combination. Every week this could change, but it was an excellent reason for the Chubb-Hunt duo to be in Cleveland.

Not many teams get the ability to execute a top 10 of their offenses. Stefanski should have two of them with Chubb and Hunt.

“It’s definitely on our mind of how you divvy that pie up and how you design plays,” Stefanski said in June. “That is something we are talking about.”

Naturally, Chubb looks over the running back room for the playmaker. Remember, he ‘d always been focused on the team, and he extended his response to the offense when asked about the offensive possibility with him and Hunt on the field.

“I think we have a lot of guys on this team and a lot of playmakers, and you can’t go wrong with who has the ball,” he said. “Pick your poison. The coaches do a great job of dividing it up, even if they don’t have to divide it up. If one guy is our guy, then we can go to him.”

In some games this season, Chubb will probably be that “guy.”  He quickly became one of the most dynamic running backs of the league and will be a central part of how far the offense under Stefanski progresses.

Yet Hunt is still going to be the hero in those tournaments.

It doesn’t matter to Chubb. He loves it.



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