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Quarterback Interest not crucial to Dak Prescott’s contract: COO Stephen Jones.

The Dallas Cowboys have been preparing to welcome their incoming quarterback, Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts, and according to their Coo Stephen Jones, that does not mean they are abandoning the idea of recruiting the ‘young and good’ Dak Prescott.


Sports enthusiasts are not sure if drafting a backup quarterback is possible given Dak Prescott’s contract situation

Because Cooper Rush will be a free agent next year, it is wise for the Cowboys to make their decisions quickly and wisely. In an interview with 105.3 The Fan, Jones spoke about what he thinks of Dak and why his interest in him does not have anything at all to do with Dak’s contract.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with Daks contract in terms of our interest in a quarterback,” Jones said, “I think we’re big believers, Mike McCarthy was up in Green Bay where they continually drafted quarterbacks up there. We’re always looking to do better.”

“We’ve had Cooper Rush around here, going into his fourth season. He’ll be free next year. We’re always looking to have a good back up the situation, especially if it’s a good and young player who can develop, come in here and all of a sudden you have a serious resource if you’re able to develop a good, young quarterback. I think you’re going down a wrong path when you equate it to Daks’ situation, and I don’t think it equates to what we’re looking at here,” he added.

The cowboys may end up with a yearly arrangement with Dak, probable for only two years considering the rules of the franchise tag. Prescott is known to have been playing hardball with the cowboys, and he intends to keep doing it. The cowboys have one remaining hardball play, and that is invalidating the tender.

Last month the cowboys had offered Dak a contract with an average value of $33 million per year. As part of the deal, they were willing to guarantee the 26-year-old quarterback $105 million, and the Cowboys have until July to sign Prescott to a long term deal, or he will play the new season under the franchise tag.


Concerns were raised on player acquisition, Randy and Alden’s faith, and so on.

Dak’s issue was not the only subject that was discussed, Stephen was also asked if he anticipates that Randy Gregory and Alden Smith will be allowed to be active for week 1 of the coming season. Two of the most talked-about players. Randy was a first-round talent and Smith, a former All-pro who was among the best pass rushers in the National Football league.

Both are intriguing players harboring exciting potential, but here lies the case, Gregory has been suspended four times in five seasons since the Cowboys drafted him and has been absent since the 2018 postseason. Smith, who signed a one year deal three weeks ago, also had his toll on numerous suspensions and has not played an NFL game since 2015.

what did Stephen Jones say about them?  “You certainly want to give them every opportunity for success with their battles off the field. And that they ultimately become ready to take the next step and play football again. The league’s infrastructure will evaluate that and let us know where they stand at some point and time. It’s not the Cowboys’ timing. When the NFL office, their resources complete the evaluation, they’ll let them and us know, if and when they’ll be reinstated.”

Stephen was then asked about how he balances his focus between players available in the draft and veterans that might become available because of the draft. Jones believes one has to be opened at all times to improve their football team, and he claims to be a supporter of player acquisition, be it UFA’s, trades, veterans, e.t.c. He believes in flexibility and readiness when the need arises.

Do you think the Cowboys need linebacker gave injuries and best concerns? Jones was asked.

He believes his management has been doing quite well with their linebacker positions, and he says, “it would be news to me in terms of a lightened need at the linebacker position, I’ve been fired up about what Coach McCarthy has been doing with our defensive staff and Mike Nolan. You want to have the flexibility and have great players and be able to scheme.”


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