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Raider’s Derek Carr wants to unite people following George Floyd’s death

Celebrities, athletes, even presidents around the world, have joined hands to fight against racism in the world. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, Tennessee Titans Ryan Tannehill, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow are not exceptions, they have equally shown their disgust for the act and has actively spoken against the police brutality and systematic racism.


With the Death of Floyd, Carr puts sports aside to fight for the rights of the black community in the United States.

Carr has also added his voice; he considers this a critical moment in history and wants to be a big part of it. In an interview with NFL media’s Jim Trotter, he lamented on how athletes are threatened to stay out of politics and not have the voice to speak for themselves.

“For years, we have all been taught to stay out of politics…, Not just as a white athlete but all athletes in general, I think over the last couple of years, people have begun to break down these barriers by using their platform for what they believe is right” he reasoned, “something I was taught as an athlete was to keep your head down and be you when there is a major headlining story. I use my platform to preach to the world, which is an honor and a blessing. But recently, it started to weigh on my heart that it was time to stand up and say what I have been feeling for a long time, disregarding what anyone from any standpoint had to say or think about it.

I felt in my heart this was the right moment to speak up, to not care so much about politics, but instead speak the truth”. He said.

We cannot agree with Carr any less, and he is one of the people who are trying to make it clear to us that humanity isn’t completely lost, we still have it in us somewhere, somehow. And the way people are taking the issue seriously is just fascinating.


Carr doing everything he can to help people in need

Carr continued to speak on his goal, which is to unite people. He claims to be working hand in hand with his teammates and higher-ups in the last Vegas community to take action since he feels all he has had is voice, which is not helping at the moment. He also made a very heartwarming declaration about being a God-fearing and a spiritual man, he believes the country is fighting a significant spiritual, heart and system issues and only the blood that Jesus shed on the cross is the answer. Not fighting nor anger.

“I feel the same way today as I always have. I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed. I want every life to be precious to everyone. I want people to love their neighbors just as they love themselves. I want genuine respect and unity for every life that lives in these United States and calls it home. I want the fighting to stop, and I want people to help people in need, I want to see people stop thriving for power in politics and do what they say they were going to do, I want to see team sports to be a place where all different walks of life come together for a common goal, I want to see children raised loving everyone and not counting them out before they know them, that’s what I want to see.”

Isn’t that the most beautiful speech you’ve read since the beginning of this peaceful protest and call for peace? And this is a white athlete we’re talking about.

49ers cornerback Richard Sherman was the one who recently spoke on the importance of white quarterbacks speaking out since their voices will be louder than even the that of the blacks. Sherman said he was impressed with the way the white athletes received the news.

The man we are all talking about is 46-year-old George Floyd, an African American man who died in police custody when a white Minneapolis police officer knelt over his neck for over 8 minutes even after he said he couldn’t breathe.

The ex-police officer has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The other three officers have also been arrested.

Carr, not sticking to sports, is an initiative that will be admired by many. It just shows how brave he is and how upright he is for standing up for the truth, and we are behind him.


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