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Tom Brady’s final year in New England Patriots

Tom Brady to leave Patriots after season
Brady's wife wants Tom to retire

Tom Brady, American football quarterback for New England Patriots may be setting himself up to leave the team. ESPN’s Adam Schefter speaking on  Monday Night Countdown prior to the win against New York Jets pointed out that Tom could be eyeing a new challenge in 2020.

Adam based his argument on the fact that Tom and his trainer had put their homes up for sale and had terminated his contract to become a free agent. Schefter also believes that there would be half dozen or dozen franchises that would be interested in Brady if he decided to play elsewhere. Brady played in England since the year 2000, bagging six super bowl titles after playing in nine of them, debatably the greatest achievement of all time and we couldn’t agree with Schefter any less

Schefter’s comments had NFL Network Michael Giardi gone on to share his thoughts on the matter, according to his tweet, Brady had left breadcrumbs this summer and fall about his uncertain future in football and it’s clear Giardi agreed with Adam.

Why would Tom Brady want to leave Patriots? And when he does where would he go or what would he be doing? Bugging question. Why would he want to leave after 20 seasons with the franchise? He already acknowledged the fact that the Patriots were the best at defending and his 67-year-old coach Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time. Clearly Tom loved his team and his coach. He even signed a two years extension contract with the Patriots. Apart from knowing he may be moving, we cannot find a better reason why he would want to leave New England Patriots.

Brady’s wife wants Tom to retire

Again, if he decides to leave Patriots, chances are that, according to sources  Drew Brees of New Orleans may retire with Teddy Bridgewater possibly leaving as well maybe for New England and Brady will arrive for season to take his place since the team would need a new starting quarterback, theoretically. But with Drew Brees playing relentlessly for Orleans Saints since 2006, it’s uncertain.

Tom Brady could retire at 42 since he admitted that his wife Gisele is pressuring him to retire so he can spend quality time with his family. He also stated that she is very concerned about his health and well-being. This could be the case though he opened up in August about considering retirement at age 45, it could be sooner since his wife may have significant influence on him but then again, speaking on ESPN, Brady added that if he was not playing football, he cannot think of anything else he would do so why not stick to what he loved doing most?

Bryan Perez of NBC sports also suggested if Brady leaves New England, he may be heading to another team and perhaps that team was Chicago Bears. Why? There would be few departures and new faces added this season, probably new quarterback will be needed and Brady would be the best fit if he’s convinced. The Bears will definitely have the best quarterback in NFC north.

Who will be the successor of Tom Brady?

Another question to be asked is who will succeed or that the place of Tom Brady if he happens to leave the team? Jarrett Stidham is the best candidate considering the way he’s smart and proved himself to be an accurate passer in short and medium-range passes, he also had a decent college career and he can do better with a little help from Brady as his understudy. He would definitely take over after him with more effort and if he would go into 2020 without somebody competing with him.

In September, Brad himself addressed his relationship with Jarrett and said he was a support to him and though he believed Stidham’s job was not to repeat history. He also recounted his experiences as a young player and how his older teammates were great mentors to him. 

With all the achievements, no other spot would be better for Brady than to remain exactly where he is. He always said his Super Bowl championship is the next one, perhaps he will continue to play with another team, maybe retire to have enough time to spend with his family and be the “ideal dad” or just wait for whatever comes his way.


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