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#WeWantToPlay twitter campaign by NFL players

New York Giants players on sideline

The NFL will be opening their training camps very soon, and players are anxious and want to know more about the plans the league has in regards to their health and safety. They want the league to listen to the advice of medical experts.


NFL players want the league to answer questions relating to the pandemic on Twitter while they prepare to open training camps

They want the league to follow the #WeWantToPlay campaign hashtags to answer their queries about testing, preparation, and so on. With direct order, all rookies are expected to report on July 21, injured players, and quarterbacks will return on July 23 and all other essential players on July 28.

The Chiefs and Titans will be the two teams to first open the regular season on Thursday, September 10. Hence, they are expected to have their rookies reporting earlier. The NFL and NFLPA unions are doing all they can to provide a safe environment for players and staff; however, some players are not exactly convinced, that is why they came up with the #WeWantToPlay hashtag to enhance close awareness of where things stand.

A conference call on Friday, between NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs George Atallah and NFL President JC Tretter saw to how the union is planning things, suggesting behavioral changes in coaches and players, preaching caution and safety, testing schedule and all of that

“No one can just wish this away or just expect this to go away, there are consequences to getting sick,” Tretter said, “there are consequences players’ families have to face, and that’s my job as a representative of the players is try to provide as safe a workplace as possible and be able to tell my wife, talk to other players families and let them know all we’ve done to try to make this safe as possible for their husband’s and their families when they have to come home from work, so this is all about making the right decisions” he added.


“The health and safety of our players should be the utmost importance, and right now, your current stance on this is an I’ll take a reflection of that,” Larry Ogunjobi to the NFL

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took to Twitter to express his understandable concern about the need to protect his pregnant wife. Russell wants to play football but doesn’t see a clear plan on player health and family safety.

Drew Brees, Saints quarterback is also perturbed about player safety. “We need a football! We need sports! We need hope!. The NFL’s unwillingness to follow the recommendations of their medical experts will prevent that. If the NFL doesn’t do their part to keep players healthy, there’s no football in 2020; it’s simple as that”. He wrote on Twitter with the hashtag.

Patrick Mahomes was not left out of the campaign. He pleads with the league to come up with a plan to protect them. Bills receiver Stefon Diggs wants the NFL to hear their voices like how Adam Silver respects his NBA players to protect their needs.

Brown’s receiver Javis Landry has a question for fans, “crazy to see how the NFL is not following the recommendations of its experts regarding health and safety of us players! As of today, questions have not been answered, and we want to play football; y’all want to watch football this year?”

Saints defensive Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles corner Darius Slay, Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones and defensive lineman JJ watt share the same skepticism, they want the NFL to listen to them, provide a detailed update on new plans and adopt the medical expert’s recommendations.

It seems the NFL and NFLPA do not always agree on the same things. The number of preseason games has not even been finalized.  They need to discuss the logjams in testing schedules, acclimation periods again and come to a final decision. If they do not go into an agreement very soon, players will disperse, most of them might opt-out, and the training camps may not open soon

Most of these players know what they are getting into, they want to rest assured that their safety is guaranteed, and we can all agree that’s very important



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