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The Winslow, father and son claim trauma from football

American football players playing football

Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow Snr who is widely recognized as one of the greatest tight ends in the football league history sustained several brain and nervous system injuries during his football career and is seeking compensation for it in California as he files a workers compensation claims according to records obtained this week by USA Today.

Winslow Snr played his entire career for the then-San Diego Chargers, retiring after the 1987 season. The 62-year-old filed the claim in January last year against the California Insurance Guarantee Association, CIGA. CIGA is an organization that pays covered claims for insolvent insurance carriers. The association, on the other hand, is basing their argument on the fact that Winslow Snr’s injuries occurred a long time ago. Winslow claims his trauma happened during his career with the Chargers from 1979 to 1988 and resulted in cognitive and behavioral disorders and other damages.

Football causes damage to the brain

According to research, playing football causes damage to the brain at some point in time, and typical hits sustained from playing one season cause structural changes to the brain.

Winslow Snr’s case coincided with the criminal proceedings against his son. Winslow Junior fought chargers of rape and other sex crimes last year, he was accused of raping an unconscious woman in 2003 and sexually battering a 54-year-old hitchhiker in march 2018. Kellen Jnr suffers symptoms related to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, otherwise known as frontal lobe damage as a result of playing football. Symptoms include aggression, memory loss, impaired judgment and so on, that can explain his behavior. He pleaded guilty of the charge of assaulting the woman, “I unlawfully had sexual intercourse with Jane Doe, Number 4 when we were both teens, she was 17, I was 19, and she was not my spouse. She was at that time unconscious, and I did not dispute her memory for this plea” he had said. He also pleaded guilty to felony.

Kellen Snr has been attending the trial of his son’s court proceedings earlier this year and on the on his son pleaded guilty, he was furious and lashed out at the prosecutor, Dan Owens who had said he understood Kellen Snr’s feelings when he said “I am not going to comment on Mr. Winslow Sr.’s demeanor in court,” Owens said outside court afterward. “I understand that he is under a great deal of emotional stress at this time, just as any father would feel.” His son was convicted in the retrial and is facing 12 to 18 years in prison. His attorney said he suffers traumatic brain injuries as a result of his 10 years national football league career and a motorcycle accident.

Well, Kellen Snr has demanded medical exams that could help determine his “eligibility for benefits.” Why Kellen Winslow elder is seeking compensation is not known. Both father and son were good tight ends in the National Football League after being drafted in the first round of NFL draft. The father played in 109 national football league games while his son played in a 105.

Eric Dickerson wants members to get health insurance and annual salary

Last year, hall of Famer Dickerson Eric threatened to boycott the hall of fame induction ceremonies unless the members get health insurance and annual salary. ” I want health benefits for every player that ever played in the national football league” he pleaded. He compared the National Football league with Major League Baseball, which gives its players insurance for the rest of their lives. “Take care of the guys that have made the game as great as it is,” he said. He thinks every hall of Famer should get about $300,000 every year. There are about 318 hall of fame players, and should each of them getting that amount plus free health insurance, the league must better prepare.

Dickson had said the dental prescription drug coverage and five years of medical checkup was not enough. According to research, the NFL hall of famers do not get paid since they do not play anymore, they make their money through endorsement and advertisement due to their high likability.

Could it be that Elder Kellen was seeking compensation because his health insurance was not covered or because he is not paid? Dickson was right when he said the players must be taken care of since they made the game as great as it is, at least the free health insurance could be essential.


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