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English football should not start until players are tested- Richard Bevan.

British football match

“Since the outbreak of coronavirus, professional football has been postponed indefinitely, and Richard Bevan feels it’s important that players get tested before football season resumes.”


Richard Bevan’s thoughts on the matter

The last match that was played since professional football had been postponed indefinitely was between Aston Villa and Leicester, due to the pandemic. According to the chief executive of the League Managers Association, Richard Bevan, the Football season will only resume once all the players have been tested for COVID-19

He did not speak only for the players, but for NHS workers and patients, “tests must be made available first to NHS workers and patients, once that’s happened by all means let’s access it with sports,” he reasoned. According to information gathered by BBC sports.

The English football league had said the season could be completed in 56 days once it restarts. Bevan disagrees strongly and criticized the league officials for failing to consult its members to seek their opinions before drawing the estimation. He described the schedule as ‘amazingly tight,’ “you’re going to have to get the support of coaches and managers, you do not do that by not talking to them, you do not get the end-product or working together if you just send a letter out without actually taking their advice or thoughts” he emphasized.

Bevan also believes the players must be healthy to continue playing, hence the necessary tests that need to be taken. “You’re going to have to get the Goodwill of the players because they’re going to have at least three weeks of training to get back on the pitch, at least,” Bevan said.

“The most important thing guiding every principle is the health and getting back on the pitch without ensuring fully-fit players is a massive call to make, I would like to see more debate” he added.

Bevan thinks getting tested is key to getting back to action as soon as possible, and we cannot agree with him any less. Players were showing symptoms and ended up testing positive, which required the need to be quarantined while the rest continue to play when the postponement gets lifted. He is also concerned about not being able to see accurate forecasting about when the players can get back on their pitch until the end of April.

“In Germany, if you look at discussions about coming back in May, that’s probably a direct result of some clear thinking from their government because they’re doing 50,000 tests a day, in Our country we’re doing 10,000 per day although the government is targeting 100,000 each day by the end of the month,” Bevan says.

“Our managers do not want to be back on the pitch unless the players have been tested. But at the same time, the government must confirm that is OK because the tests must be made available first – if there’s a shortage – to care, workers, patients, NHS staff and their families.” He added.


“Apart from the Tokyo Olympics Games 2020 being postponed, other games have been affected too– will things get any better?”


The coronavirus cases have reached 60,000+ since the virus was first detected in the country in February, and tests are still being conducted. Tests are now being made available to doctors and nurses who have symptoms, tests for other health workers will be will follow, and hopefully, sportspersons will be next.

How has the virus affected other sporting activities? Coronavirus, which has killed more than 90,000 people worldwide, has not only halted sports activities in the UK. Tokyo 2020 Olympic games have been postponed, the confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football National league finals has also been suspended and will be rescheduled for later.

Football in Russia is not an exception. Top-flight German Bundesliga has also been held since March 13. The paralympic games will run from August 24 to September 5, 2021. The National Hockey league suspended it’s season indefinitely on March 12. Euro 2020 tournament would take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021. The African nation’s championship tournament has been postponed indefinitely. UEFA suspended all champions league and Europa League matches until “further notice.”

London, Boston, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, and Japan marathons have all been postponed. FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation have agreed to postpone the Asian World Cup qualifying matches in March and June. New seasons in the Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean professional leagues have been postponed.  Baseball, cycling, golf, table tennis, rugby, basketball e.t.c have all been postponed until further notice, and the list goes on and on.


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