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Who would take Xhaka’s place as captain if he leaves Arsenal

The Emirates stadium in London
Xhaka possibly unhappy at Arsenal

Arsenal’s former striker Nicholas Charlie believes Xhaka Granite may not return to the team after his disrespectful behavior on Sunday. He had reacted angrily after his own supporters had booed him off. Out of anger and rage, he was seen telling his fans to “f**k off” before leaving the field.

Nicholas said “he’s only a team player in some category but the actions that we saw on Sunday are just unacceptable, Xhaka may be the captain but I don’t think he will still be captain after what he did”. He added that the fact that he had not apologized to his fans about his behavior made it clear that he was probably very angry, but who can blame him, he’s just human. Nicholas also showed his disappointment on Xhaka’s inability to “take some criticism”. He mentioned Messi and Ronaldo to be subjects of criticism at some point in their career and added that if Xhaka did not have a thick skin to take criticism, then he is not a footballer. Nicholas does not seem to be a big fan of Xhaka or his behavior. 

Nicholas again believes the crowd, supporters and fans will always be the element of football and Xhaka must learn to deal with it else someone would readily take his place as captain. We cannot agree with Nicholas any less, there are other competent footballers in the team who could do a better job.  Unai Emery, head coach of Arsenal on the other hand thinks Xhaka acted the way he did because he was “devastated” and “sad” and also advised that “when we are in difficult moments and receiving criticism, we need to be strong and know and learn to play under that pressure” and he thinks Xhaka should apologize to his fans and supporters.

When Emery was asked about who would replace the captain if he happened to lay down the title and he responded “at the moment, I don’t want to talk about that” . Emery clearly liked his captain, he doesn’t seem like he wants him to go, he explained why he chose him as captain in the first place, he thinks Xhaka has values, experience and respect in the dressing room. 

The Swiss FA also insisted that Xhaka will remain captain of his team. According to their statement, they appreciate the qualities and the importance he possess for the national team, as a results, his standing will not change. Perhaps Emery may or may not strip Xhaka off his captaincy but if he does, who is the next competent, experienced and respected candidate?

David Luiz,  Emiliano Aubameyang And Mesut Ozil. Who can it be?

David Luiz is one of the candidates David seaman and Nicholas Charlie chose. Seaman believes Luiz is competent and he would choose him as a captain any day. A quick reminder, in September, Arsenal former midfielder Paul Merson had said David Luiz should be made captain of the North London club and described him as a “serial winner”. Judging from the fact that he had won the footballer of the year in 2010, 3 times Portuguese League cup winner, 2 French cup winner and champion, e.t.c, he looks like he’s fit for the armband.

Will Emiliano Aubameyang make a better captain? According to his profile, he is a professional footballer who plays as a forward for premier league club Arsenal where he is a “vice-captain” . He bagged 31 goals in 51 appearances for the gunners last season. He is also known to be a mentor for aspiring footballers. Being a captain of the Gabonese national team, Emiliano may possess more experience and be halfway ahead of the other candidates. By the way, he also won African player of the year.

And what about Mesut Ozil? Well, Emery believes Ozil has quality, skill, he is consistent and has a positive mentality. Xhaka will not be playing with them for the Carabao cup against Liverpool and when Emery was asked if Ozil could take his place as captain, “it depends, he could be, yes” was his response. A good start. Ozil has scored and created goals for Arsenal and even helped them win three FA cup trophies. He is also a 1 time player of the year, just like Luiz!

In conclusion, the question remains that, these players are good, winners. But if they had been good enough, why were they not chosen over Xhaka in the first place? The managers and coach had seen something special in this man and perhaps one incident or one swear word was not going to change their minds.


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