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Aberdeen players apologize to fans

The two players who tested positive for the novel coronavirus, together with the six others who came in contact with one of the infected persons, have apologized for breaking coronavirus guidelines.


The eight players have released a joint apology

The eight players were Michael Devlin, Jonny Hayes, Scott McKenna, Matty Kennedy, Sam Cosgrove, Dylan McGeouch, Craig Bryson, and Bruce Anderson. They have released a joint apology to their fans, the First Minister, health care workers, and the Club as a whole for their irresponsibility.

The First Prime Minister Nicole Sturgeon accused the players of breaking the rules that had been laid down and agreed upon by the SFL, SPFL, and the Scottish Government, which she described to be completely ‘unacceptable”.

They had visited a bar in Aberdeen on Saturday evening, following their opening game of the season against Rangers. They have since been asked to self-isolate while the Government requested for the match to be called off. The eight players have admitted to making a “huge error of judgment.”

“First and foremost, we would like to apologize to every AFC fan, the manager, everyone at the club, the football authorities, the First Minister, all healthcare workers along with everyone else that has worked tirelessly around the clock to get the country, and in particular, football back up and running again” the statement read. “We, as a small group of players, made a huge error of judgment last weekend by thinking it was okay to visit a city venue together.”

“We now recognized that our group of eight exceeded that number of household permitted to meet up. This was a genuine error, and on our part as professional football players, and in doing so, we have let our manager down. As players, we appreciate our Club has gone above and beyond to put protocols in place to protect us, and it was never our intention to put that to jeopardy or to put our teammates or football staff at risk”.


The match between Aberdeen Football Club and St. Johnstone will now be played on August 20 at 7:30 pm.

Sturgeon emphasized that the Government cannot take any risks as at now because a little mistake and the virus will spread to the indigenous people. She continued to issue a strict warning to other clubs and their management. She advised that the Government will be in contact with clubs to educate them on the importance of complying with the protocols put in place to protect the players and the people from reducing the spread of the virus.

Sturgeon believes that football players are role models and should behave as such, she also encourages club managers to ensure that players are behaving in a very responsible manner because every time they do not abide by the guidance, they put people at risk, they put the return of sports at risk and provide a thriving environment for the virus to prevail.

The five other Scottish Premiership games will be played over the weekend. Kilmarnock will play against Celtic on Sunday at 3:30 pm

It’s either some of these players are unhappy about playing amidst a pandemic or are just being plain irresponsible and ignorant. Every sporting discipline has given their players a choice to play or opt-out if they decide to play, they should act accordingly, respect and adhere to protocols because just like Sturgeon said, not only will they be putting themselves and the Club at risk, but innocent people as well.

Aberdeen chairman, Dave Cormack had said he understands and respects the Government’s decision and will investigate into the matter. “The club will be carrying out a full investigation but, as an immediate first step, we have reinforced the club’s Covid-19 protocols and the governing bodies’ guidance with every player and member of staff and will continue to regularly educate and remind everyone of what is, and what is not, acceptable in the current climate.”

Players from different teams and disciplines keep breaching protocols. From Arsenal players, Dortmund players, NBA players, e.t.c. in June, two Bundesliga players were fined for violating general hygiene and infection protection standard to get home hairdressing appointments, look at that. Some Arsenal players were reprimanded for unauthorized training together.



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