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Aberdeen’s match has been postponed due to positive Coronavirus test in players

Aberdeen Scottish Premiership match has been postponed, the game that was supposed to be played on Saturday has been called off at government request because some two players have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Six more players have been asked to self-isolate after coming in contact with one of the players who had tested positive. Contrary to the club’s idea to play the match on Saturday, it will now take place on Thursday, August 20, at 7:30 pm.


How did this happen?

Scotland’s first prime minister Nicola Sturgeon told reporters that some players had broken the laid down rule by visiting a bar on Saturday evening after the opening game of the season against Rangers.

“It is now clear that all eight of these players visited a bar in Aberdeen on Saturday night, in doing so, they blatantly broke the rules that had been agreed between the SFA, the SPFL and the Scottish Government which to put mildly, is completely unacceptable,” she said

“We are expecting the members of the public to behave in a highly precautionary way right now and when a football club ends up with players infected, and let’s remember this is not through bad luck but clear breaches of the rules. We cannot take even a small risk that will spread the infection to other parts of the country”.

Indeed, player indiscipline can post a risk to other people. A similar thing is happening in the NBA bubble, players doing whatever they please, forgetting the world is currently fighting a pandemic.

The Scottish Football authorities confirmed the news on Friday morning, following a meeting with Scottish sports Minister Joe Fitzpatrick. The Scottish Football Joint Response group released a statement agreeing to postpone the matches requested by the government.

“There is an evolving public health outbreak in Aberdeen, and the minister conveyed the need for additional work to provide further assurance around Aberdeen FC’s adherence to the agreed protocols. The statement read.

“Given the overriding responsibility to public health, the subsequent advice and discussion with the Joint Response Group must adhere to the request to postpone the match.” The prime minister continued to issue a strict warning to other clubs and their management.

The five other Scottish Premiership games will be played over the weekend as planned with Celtic taking on Kilmarnock two days from now at 3:30 pm. Sturgeon said the government would contact club captains and managers to educate them on the importance of complying with the guidance given to them. If they refuse to abide by the rules, they will put the return of professional games at risk.


Possible sanction for the players?

“I welcome Aberdeen’s statement reminding their players of their obligation, footballers are role models, and they should behave accordingly. But it’s also important to remind all the clubs of their obligations to ensure all their players are behaving responsibly and in line with the guidance. Anytime we don’t abide by rules, we put others at risk and give this virus a chance to come roaring back again”.

Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack said he completely understands why the government made that decision, the decision he believes is in the interest of public health. He apologized to both the football and health authorities.

“Regrettably, what has happened in the last few days has undermined all the hard work that has gone into keeping our players and staff safe. We are now dealing with this internally with the seriousness it deserves.

“In the meantime, I’d like to reassure the relevant bodies, our fans, and everyone associated with the Club that our already rigorous measures are being forensically scrutinized and that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that no-one is under any doubt about what must be adhered to.”

To get our reward for a functional society back, we need to adhere to protocols put in place to curb the spread of a virus that has crippled all activities. This goes to player, athletes, managers, and everyone else, ignorance will not be of help to us now, it has never been of help.

The pandemic is here to stay, for now, and it is up to us to learn to adjust. Learn new ways to go about things and hope for the best.


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