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Angry fans set vehicles on fire after PSG loss

The French capital was influenced by a lot of feelings as the dreams of their club’s European Champion’s League triumph came to an end.

Images of charred and trashed vehicles in the area of Paris’ well-known Champs-Elysées emerged in the wake of the Champions League final in Bayern Munich.

Thousands of PSG fans gathered close to the finish and were left in their hearts as their team dropped 1-0, thankful to the second half header of Kingsley Coman.

Images posted by Getty Photos show plenty of chaos after the match, including images of firefighters extinguishing a flaming vehicle and another car lying on its side. There are also several offenders in the Champs-Elysées, though excess can also be seen when PSG supporters have marched in large numbers down the famed promenade. The PSG team’s attempt to join Marseille as the other French club to win Europe’s premier soccer competition has come to an end after the 1-0 loss by hundreds of fans from the famous avenue in Paris.

A dozen full-fledged police agitated the Champs-Élysées as others didn’t wear masks and could not hold societal distinctions despite fears over coronavirus, and broke into a violently eradicate restaurant. Across Western Paris, the riot police used tear gas as a means of dispersing crowds outside the club’s stadium.


Measures made before the game

On Sunday evening, new steps to deter significant groups of officers from gathering in the Parc des Princes were in operation, with 3,000 officers stationed in the Champs-Elysees.

Around 2,000 masks were given to fans who arrived without them at the Champs-Élysées. eBars and cafes had been checked for the avoidance of diseases to be detected by customers and people who were in danger of not having a mask.

In an attempt to reduce the volume, 17 underground and commuter stations were shut down at night, and three entry points in the Paris Ring Road were shut down. The street was intended for pedestrians only, and no cars were allowed from the start of the match.

In the wake of the tumultuous scenes on Thursday, as thousands of supporters rushed onto the Champs Elysées, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin paved the foundations for the PSG, mostly without face masks and no social distancing. Police arrested 36 people on Tuesday amid the ripened abuse smashing shop windows of groups of fans at the foot of Arc de Triomphe.

The Ministry of the Interior urged people to take a look at the game instead of heading out.

“Make the most of the moment with peace of mind and watch the match from your couch,” the ministry said. “Protect yourself, protect others. Everyone behind PSG.”

The video was followed by a table-top picture of feet in front of a television with the words, “To be sure to have a good seat, watch the match at home!”


Arrests Made

More than 140 people were arrested as Paris-Saint-Germain supporters smashed cars and threatened the Champs-Elysees police during the final defeat in Champions League against Bayern Munich.

In the aftermath of a 3-0 victory over RB Leipzig in the semifinals, Paris-based mayor Anne Hidalgo called for “mature celebrations” should PSG beat Bayern, after fans had hit officers.

Supporters who wanted to see their Qatar-owned squad prosper for the first time in the highest club competition in Europe poured out of the window into and around the Parc des Princes.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin reported that 16 police officers were wounded, 12 shops struck, and 15 cars were destroyed overnight.

He condemned the violent act in a tweet on Sunday night and gave thanks to the Paris police, who acted swiftly to arrest some individuals who were engaged in causing this trouble.

The supporters who wanted to see their Qatar-owned team’s first victory at the European top club competitions were overlooking social distancing behavior both inside and outside the Princes’ Park. 404 people were stopped as part of regulations aimed at curbing the outbreak of coronavirus because they did not use face masks.


Comments by some fans after the game

“I’m gutted! They wasted too many chances, and unfortunately in the final, that doesn’t fly,” said Nicolas Mounier as he left the stadium peacefully.

“We are disappointed, but we weren’t dreadful,” another PSG fan, Anne Vaneson, told AFP.

“In the first half, we were on a level playing field, but we paid for a dip in performance in the first 20 minutes of the second half.”



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