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Brazil women footballers will now receive equal pay as their men

As the fight for gender equality intensifies worldwide, Brazilian football wants to be one of the many that take on the excellent course by paying male and female players the same salary. This means players like Marta, Formiga, and Leticia Santos will take the same pay as Neymar and Firmino.

This is not only to support gender equality but to prove that the women team is as good as the men’s, and for them getting this recognition is commendable. Rogerio Caboclo, the federation’s president, spoke about the development.


The players for both the Brazilian women national team and the men team will receive the same salary cut

“The CBF has equalized the prize money and allowances between the men’s and women’s football, which means the women players will earn the same as the men,” Caboclo asserted. “It will be proportionally the same as what Fifa proposes for women, that is to say, there will be no more gender differences in remuneration between men and women.”

The development will start taking effect from next year—players participating in the Olympics next year and the next World Cup tournaments. Unlike the Us women team, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway are amongst the nations who have spearheaded this course.

A year ago, the Us women team had asked for an equal pay cut but was denied of it and had promised to appeal against their defeat in a lawsuit. According to the court, the women’s team gets paid more on both a cumulative and average per-game basis. Most of the players, including Ballon d’Or winner Rapinoe, have debunked and disagreed with this claim.

The Us team has since been in disagreement with us soccer management and has been seeking $66 million damages under the Equal Pay Act. Joe Biden has supported the team, and should he be elected as president, promises to allow the women to get equal pay cuts.


The women’s super league could be the best in the world, Kelly Simmons believes.

Not only is women soccer fighting for equality, but they are also fighting to be the best out there. The FA’s head of professional football, Kelly Simmons, trusts that the influx of big-name transfers will lift the name of the Women’s Super League.

Transfer rumors have been going on in the Women Super League clubs, World Cup winners and European stars are now joining England’s top division. “It’s going to be fantastic to see top English players play alongside Rose Lavelle, one of the best players in the world. It’s a real statement for where the Women’s Super League is. It’s regarded as one of the best leagues in the world. That is our ambition,” Simmons said.

Chelsea signed Pernille Harder from Wolfsburg while Manchester city made additions like Rose Lavelle and Sam Mewis. Simmons believes those who very good for the clubs.


Big names in Women Super League discuss the future of the women football

Former Great Britain Women’s Olympic and England Women’s national football team coach, Hope Powell warns that the Women Super League must remain competitive considering high profile players’ movement to England’s top tier. With teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City, and Chelsea signing big names this summer, the league must learn to become more competitive than usual.

Powell spoke to sky sports in an interview, “we’re under no illusions it’s going to be tough, especially with some of the players coming into the WSL, it’s going to be hard work. We want to be as competitive as we can be. We want to compete with the top teams in the league. We go out and try to win, be able to compete.

“The league is what it is. We wanted it to be professional, and we wanted it to be the best in the world and attract talent. It’s doing a lot of the things we wanted to do. The challenge now is to keep that competitive edge going,” Powell added.

Indeed, a good team or a good league is recognized through its competitiveness. As the women are raising their fists for equality, to be like the men, they must learn to be like them, play like them and be as competitive.



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