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Barcelona Presidential hopeful Victor Font doesn’t see Messi changing his mind about leaving the team.

33-year-old Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has been the subject of controversy for some time now after Bayern Munich thrashed Barcelona in the champion’s league. Since then the player has distanced himself from the team as rumors continue to surround his future with the club. He has recently been fined for failing to report for training on Monday and Tuesday.

It is his wish to move to another team. But the big questions remain, will he change his mind? Because he has played for the team for such a long time. Which team will be willing to pay for him? He is the world best, and he is expensive.


Presidential candidate Victor font, in an interview with sky sports, says it is implausible for Lionel Messi to change his mind over exit but hopes for a future role for Messi at Barcelona.

Victor Font, the man, hoping to take the position of Joseph Bartomeu, says he hopes that Messi will stay, but the chances of him leaving are higher. In the interview, Font was asked several questions, including what he thought could be the reason behind the sudden change, why a man who loves his club so much would want to leave.

Font blames Messi’s decision on the club’s inability to build a more competitive team, as he describes it. In as much as Messi would like to play, he cannot do it without a team that is not strong or competitive enough, or a team that has lost its credibility.

“Messi loves the club, and he wants to win, he wants to compete,” Font said. “He has been saying this for many, many years. It’s not just for a few weeks, and unfortunately, the club has not been able to deliver on the promise of building a competitive team.”

The Font was then asked if the club has devised any way to prevent the argentine from leaving the club. His reply was hopeful and encouraging. “That’s the hope. Until it is over, there is always hope, and therefore I hope the decision can be changed. It doesn’t seem likely though, and therefore if that’s a case, the focus should be on making the transition as smooth as possible.” He said.


Font also said that he and the organizers of the team are working on a project to change the way the club is managed. He was asked if he would urge Messi to wait for the presidential elections and see what happens. He believes that the argentine has made a decision that was well thought out; that is why the club can’t be so sure. In the long run, if Messi still decides to leave, he has promised to get Messi the transition that he deserves.

So would you be building a club in tribute to him rather than having him as any part of it? He was asked, it is in Fonts hope to keep him, should he win the election, but he also vows to ensure that the ‘dynamics and legal battle’ going on between the club and Messi stops.

Font believes that Messi has already built a seat for himself with the team in the future, and he has the chance to become a coach or a member of the board. “Being the best player in the history of sports carries a lot of weight. You see it with Maradona, with Pele, with Johan Cruyff. These people carry a lot of value to the organization they belong to. That’s why we need to ensure that happens,” Font emphasized.


“The ties between Messi and Barcelona that go very deep remain there so that we can ensure somehow the relationship continues in the future.”

Another crucial question was asked, has the club betrayed Lionel Messi? Or has he betrayed the club? Font explains that the inconsistency and complacency in the club are due to mismanagement by the current administration and the current board. That they are hiding behind wrongdoings. So in a way, the club did betray Messi. Lionel Messi costs a whopping 700m euros. How can he leave on a free transfer at the end of next season?

“The president as recently as a couple of months ago said players had earned the right to leave and retire whenever they want,” Font responded.

Does Barcelona want to keep Lionel Messi, or have they had enough of the player? If they want to keep him, why aren’t they fighting for him?


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