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Daniel Sturridge wants to return To the Premier League

In an interview with sky sports, 30-year-old Daniel Sturridge said he still has a lot to give the premier league. He used to be a striker for Turkish super lig club Trabzonspor but was handed a four months ban for breaching the football associations gambling regulations. He was fined £75,000 and was facing 11 charges but was found guilty for only two.

He has played for Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool. He missed those times and has since been training harder to attack the next chapter in his career, thus, play for the premier league again. “We have options around the world, but I’m an English player, and I’ve always loved playing in the premier league, and I’d say that’s my first choice,” Sturridge said.


-“I’ve always loved playing in the premier league”- former Chelsea and Liverpool striker, Sturridge

“I do feel I have unfinished business, so I would like to go back and play there. I’m opened to playing in other leagues. It’s not just the premier league. I’m going to consider, but to come back to England and give my best would be a huge option for me”. Sturridge, who has scored 105 goals, made 306 appearances in English Football is very excited and ready to play again.

It’s in Sturridge’s belief that he is a better option for premier league teams since he has played for many top clubs in different parts of the world, which is very true. According to him, he is ready to help any team that would take him in to become successful. “I believe there’s a lot left in these legs. Although I’ve been around a long time, I would say that there are miles on the clock.

“But, this vehicle has a lot left.” Sturridge also said that he was sincerely happy for Liverpool when they won the league title last season after their 30-year wait. Liverpool’s trophy was guaranteed after Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Manchester City. Sturridge has won 26 caps for England.

“It’s been a long time coming for the fans. When I was at the club, we finished second twice but got pipped to the post by Man City both times. So I’m sure the feeling from the players perspective, for the fans to be able to get over the post finally and to win, must have been incredible” Sturridge said

“Even for myself, watching the boys and just seeing them celebrating everything, I was buzzing for them.” He believes that lifting the trophy after so long must have been an incredible feeling for Jordan Henderson. Sturridge had also had some good times in Anfield, especially when they won the champions league.


Sturridge wants children to be educated on issues of social injustice

Earlier today, he further addressed the issue of racism. He trusts that educating young people will help beat racism. Sturridge said he wasn’t exposed to any form of racism as a child but knows it exists depending on where you find yourself. He also said teaching the right things throughout one’s life will go a long way to help them.

Especially teaching them great values from a young age, that will put them in the right place when they’re older. “These guys are going to become lawyers,  doctors, police officers, nurses, firemen, so we need to have strong values where they are very open and accepting of other cultures and people,” he said.

The fight against racism and social injustice was fueled following the murder of 46-year-old black American George Floyd, who was murdered by police officers for using counterfeit money. And the death of Breonna Taylor, another black woman who was also shot by officers who were serving a drug search and ended up not finding any drugs in her apartment.

Athletes, celebrities, players, and people all around the world have raised their fists in support of social justice and oneness. Recently, Arsenal Legend Ian Wright and Crystal Palace Wilfried Zaha suffered racial abuse from teenagers, which triggered Sturridge to call for child education all around the world.

Ian Wright said he was hit hard when a teenager sent him a message that read, ‘if I get the corona, I will cough in your face.’ The teenager has since been presented himself voluntarily to police officers in Ireland and was interviewed. Zaha also said that he was scared to open his Instagram messages because of racist messages he might find there, coming from young people.


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