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Liverpool urge fans to watch trophy ceremony from home to prevent the reintroduction of lockdown

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Liverpool players and staff will be crowned champions and presented with their medals, and the premier league trophy following Wednesdays match with Chelsea at Anfield. They will be claiming their top-flight title after 30 years and are urging fans to stay home

The team, alongside Merseyside police, the city council and club authorities are encouraging fans to stay at home. They do not want fans to gather because of the coronavirus pandemic. The game will be aired on television for fans to watch.


Fans urged to watch the ceremony in the comfort of their homes

Mersey police Assistant Chief Constable Natalie Perischine said in a joint statement, “this is such an important night for all Liverpool fans in the city and worldwide, with the Premier League trophy to be lifted inside the stadium. The club and tv companies have made careful preparations to ensure that millions of people can enjoy these special moments on screen, in the comfort of their homes

“On this occasion, the best seat is in your living room. There is simply no benefit to going to the ground, and we as a city cannot afford for people to gather in large numbers”.

She continued to make it clear that no one wants more coronavirus cases in Merseyside. If that happens, lockdown measures will be reintroduced, and that will be the last thing anyone would want. The players and staff will be presented with their medals and trophy on a special podium built on the Kop.

Thousands of fans had gathered at Anfield last month after Manchester city defeat at Chelsea.

“The coronavirus is still in circulation within our communities, so we must continue to avoid large gatherings to protect each other, our families and the NHS

“The threat of a second lockdown is very real. Fortunately, the trophy ceremony is free to watch on TV. Hopefully, the city will be able to mark this achievement more publicly in the near future. Until then, avoid any big crowds and enjoy the Red’s being crowned Premier League champions.”

Merseyside police have warned to introduce additional measures if people do not comply with the stay at home rule. The assistant chief constable said that a comprehensive and appropriate policing operation had been put in place ahead of Wednesday’s game. Officers will surround the area supported by specialist resources, including mounted police and the Dog Section.

There will be a wider policing plan in place throughout the night. There might be Dispersal orders and road management to disperse people from gathering if necessary. Fans can watch the ceremony on Sky’s Picked channel in the UK. Club legend Sir Kenny Dalglish will hand medals before club captain Jordan Henderson will lift the trophy.


“Nooo, we don’t want to an empty stadium!” – concerned fan

Fans are not very happy they won’t be able to watch the ceremony in person but are so glad about Liverpool’s victory. “It seems ages ago that we won the premier league mate, but finally, we have only two days left till we get to see the Hendo shuffle. YNWA 96 came on Redman, Yes Yes Yes we did it at last!” An enthusiastic fan expressed his joy on social media.

“Good season, I’m glad we won the premier league, the only disappointing thing is, this season, we had the chance to accomplish so much more that could’ve made our team have legendary status, but we did kinda bottle a lot of it. Hopefully, next season we learn from our mistakes and accomplish a lot more”, looks like someone had more expectations.

Indeed, not all fans are happy about the development. Many of them do not want an empty stadium. They want to bring those cheers and momentum in to celebrate with their favorite players, but we all need to understand that we are not in normal times, and watching this ceremony from home one time won’t hurt, even though it wouldn’t be the same.

But we can understand the fans’ frustrations. Perhaps Liverpool might not win next year, maybe it will be another team, they have lost their chance of celebrating, it’s been 30 years since Liverpool grabbed the trophy, it is entirely understandable but what can we do? Respect protocols, wear face masks, watch matches from home and wait it out.


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