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Prime Minister Boris Johnson says fans will be allowed into stadiums in England

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has some good news for sports enthusiasts. Speaking ahead of Wale’s First Minister Mark Drakeford, he announced that fans could return to stadiums to support their favorite teams this autumn. Boris believes that by October, fans could come back as they hope for a “more significant return to normality by November.”


As part of the plans to ease down the coronavirus restrictions, higher-ups have decided to open up stadiums to fans among other things

“From August 1, we will reopen most remaining leisure settings, namely, bowling, skating rings, casinos, and we will enable close contact services, beauticians, to resume. Night clubs, soft play areas – sadly  to remain closed for now, although this will be kept under review.”

Among the pilot, events are the upcoming World Snooker Championship in Sheffield, the Glorious Goodwood horse racing festival and Two Men’s country Cricket friendly matches. The Snooker Championship will begin on July 31, a friendly match with Middlesex on July 26 and 27, and Goodwood racing are starting August 1.

He also adds that they will allow wedding reception for up to 30 people. He raised concerns about how the virus will be more effective in winter and how they’re preparing for the worst. “Demand for testing is not the only challenge that winter will bring. The virus may be more virulent in the winter months”.

Of course, to be able to return to these stadiums, fans must adhere to the safety protocols that will be put in place to avoid the spread of the virus. Governments all around the world are doing all they can to bring our lives back to normalcy. However, some stubborn people feel they know too much and have refused to wear face masks or practice social distancing and all of that. That’s why authorities must see to it that fans who misbehave when these stadiums open are seriously dealt with.

The 2020/21 premier league season is one of the activities that will be expecting some fans. The season kicks off in September. Fans were more than excited when sports returned on their televisions, helping them cope with the environment and will be even more thrilled to be able to watch it in color. Their joy cannot be explained.

Furthermore, It should be understood that not all fans will be allowed into the stadiums, perhaps 30 to 50 percent of the original capacity taking into consideration the one-meter rule.


What are the UK’s COVID-19 cases looking like, and what are fans saying about this new development?

UK’s coronavirus cases stand at 293,000, with over 45,000 casualties at the moment. They seemed to have flattened the curve, the numbers have reduced compared to mid-April, and it’s quite impressive.

Authorities will not make any decisions that would put the lives of citizens in danger; all they’re trying to do is bring our lives back little by little.

What are fans saying about this decision? “There has to be a plan balancing out a wide range of complex and interwoven factors. Some of them will no doubt be guesses and estimates, but they will be working towards a sustainable plan through this,” a sports fan reasoned.

“It’s good to have expectations for something to look forward to, but don’t do it such that you take one step forward and many steps at the same time,” says another sports enthusiast.

“I can’t wait to go to a gig either, but I’m not going to put myself or other people at a higher level of risk to do it.”

Some people have bad feelings about this and do not feel like they need to get their hopes up for this.

Apart from adhering to safety protocols, one thing humans must do now is to hold on to their faith and hopes that things will get better, that a vaccine will be found very soon. The pause is just for us to rediscover ourselves, appreciate what we have, and work hard to protect it. We need to make use of our solitude but not become some dweebs.

PM Boris Johnson will come out to give us updates again until then, let’s hold on to this.





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