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antonio brown - Oakland raiders
Problems problems..

Antonio Brown, 31 year old wide receiver at Oakland Raiders is agitated. He has been suspended without pay, accused of sexual assault and is having multiple problems with his teams general manager, his frustration is clearly understandable.

What events led to his suspension?

Brown was angry, he had confronted his general manager and “unleashed a barrage of cuss words” calling Mike Mayock a “cracker” , ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported. He was spotted in a hot air balloon shortly after he reportedly showed up on training camp with frostbites on the bottom of both feet and was fined $40,000 for being absent without excuse and permission.

When he was released by the raiders after their first altercation, he was happy and yelled “free”! In a video. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Brown was fined $215,073.53 for conduct detrimental to the team. He was told he will be playing on week to week basis but had requested to be released. Brown claimed he was not angry with anyone and just wanted to prove everyone wrong. He even took to Instagram to write “you are gonna piss a lot of people off when you start doing what’s best for you”.

Brown was indeed a pain, In August, he had said he wanted to wear the same helmet he had worn throughout his entire career even though the NFL requested he used a new one. Adam Schefter even posted on Twitter that Brown said unless he gets to wear his old helmet, he would not play football again. A retirement threat. He believed this was his life and he decided how to live it. He has said he is more than just a football player, he’s a real person and he made sure he showed everyone on a daily, this is his life, “ain’t no more games” he added. Indeed!

In general, Antonio Brown was suspended after a “screaming match” with the general manager. The increasingly quarrelsome relationship between the Oakland Raiders and their wide receiver had led to a misunderstanding between the player and the teams MD. He was suspended without pay.

Antonio on the other hand was accused of sexual assault amidst his usual altercation with his manager. His former trainer had accused him of rape and filed a lawsuit in September. His lawyer denied it but another case of unwanted sexual advance was also reported by an artist he had hired to paint a mural. Having three children with a long-time girlfriend and still sexually assaulting other people, well!. He was released from Patriots after the sexual assault, they had said it was best to move on in a different direction and Brown had responded with a tweet saying “thank you for the opportunity, the marathon continues”.

His frustration.

Antonio Brown is still waiting for what will happen next but in frustration and uneasiness. In a deleted tweet, Brown is known to have addressed quite a number of issues that bothered him. He accused the Patriot trainers of stealing the football with which he scored his only touchdown with the team, he expressed interest in playing for Ravens and also desired to play for the 49ers. Brown also blamed his current predicament on the media and made it clear he had no interest in the XFL or CFL and also how he declines requests from radio stations to join their shows numerous times.

Brown can be blamed for his predicament after displaying recalcitrant behaviors here and there but was it just him or did he have his own issues? Not to say there is anything wrong with Antonio’s mental health but consider the following, he was known to have left home and crashing with friends and sometimes sleeping in cars after he had issues with his mother’s new husband. He even described his childhood as a little rough and said it thought him never to take anything for granted.  He was had issues in his own home, in February, he had an argument with the mother of his children over his daughters haircut and even shoved her to the ground where she sustained an injury she described to be a minor scratch on her forearm

Not to be judgemental but passed incidents can have great influence on people and he’s probably a victim of his circumstances.


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