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British Gymnastics to step aside and allow UK sport and Sport England to co-commission an independent review into abuse allegations

British Gymnastics have decided to pass on the review role to UK sport and Sport England, the national governing body of sports in the United Kingdom, after the integrity of their review was questioned.

British Gymnastics said in a statement that “at a board meeting on Tuesday night, British Gymnastics decided to step aside to allow UK Sports and  Sports England to co-commission the independent review it first established following concerns raised by British Gymnasts about mistreatment


UK Sport and Sport England to commission an independent review

“British Gymnastics originally announced the commissioning of QC led independent review last week. However, to remove any doubt of the review’s integrity or independence, British Gymnastics have asked the UK sport and Sport England to now commission it.”

Chief Executive Officer of  British Gymnastics Jane Allen mentions that the review needs proper resources that can help deal with the concerns. Since they not precisely up to the task, they hope to learn from the other governing bodies. “It is vital the review is unequivocally independent with full resources to deal with concerns raised by gymnasts effectively

“In the past week, the complexities have increased, and it is clear to retain the trust of the gymnastics community, we have decided to recuse ourselves from any management of the review. Our priority is to learn the lessons and ensure the welfare of all those within gymnastics. By stepping aside, we hope the review can proceed unimpeded”.

Uk Sport and Sport England said they are working closely with key stakeholders, including the British Athletes Commission and the Child Protection in Sport Unit, to develop the structure of the review to ensure that “it has credibility and the confidence of all those who have dared to come forward.”

They have also understood the decision taken by British Gymnastics to step down and are ready to do all they can to help these victimized Athletes. Seeing how the governing bodies are acting on this issue is very encouraging even though there’s known to be some culture of fear in the sport which crippled efforts of concerned coaches and parents to speak out.


Other gymnasts are still coming out to voice out their experiences

Meanwhile, many other gymnasts are still coming out to voice out their experiences, the very recent complaint by bronze medallist Sam Oldham who revealed that the sport does not give adequate care and concern to Athletes who suffer mental health diseases including him, British Gymnastics has since refuted the claim and had insisted on providing mental health support to Athletes regardless of funding or any other factor.

“I said to the sports psychologist during the evaluation, ‘i think I need help, I am not doing very well, I’m struggling, and I think talking to someone would make a big difference to me right now,’ they said ‘okay we’ll go back and talk to British Gymnastics.’ Oldham said the answer he received was not encouraging. They told him they were helping five or six guys in the team and would not be able to help him.

He believes strongly that everyone should be given help when they ask for it, be it the best guy in the sport or the new guy.

Another Olympic bronze medallist Amy Tinkler also revealed she quit the sport because her complaints never received any response. President of the International Olympic Committee had come out to say that the committee is working hard to improve on the safety of Athletes.

This review is supposed to be the final significant administrative review of the medical, emotional, and physical necessity of these abused gymnasts. The response from these authorities is outstanding, athletes will now feel secured and heard.

This seems like the right time for other athletes, coaches, and even parents to come out and talk about their experiences with abusive coaches and trainers. Former artistic gymnast Elizabeth Tweedle took to Instagram to encourage athletes to speak out for their rights, share feelings and talk about experiences and believe it’s the only way to create a positive and healthy environment.

No one deserves to be abused in any form and very much do not deserve to keep quiet about it, it has been going on for a long time, and since the governing body has decided to address it, athletes should take the chance.



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