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Grigor Dimitrov is worried about the long term effect of COVID-19 on him

Dimitrov spoke about the Adria Tour and how it was canceled after he was infected. He spoke from his home in Monte Carlo, highlighting the symptoms and effects of the virus. He has since returned to the court and is competing at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown in France

The 29-year-old Bulgarian is wondering if there will be long term damage from the virus infection on his body, which he believes will be his greatest nightmare. “The thing is real, the virus and how everything is handled. The toughest part is that we don’t know. For everyone, not only for athletes. The uncertainty is what gets you the most,” Dimitrov said.


In an exclusive interview, Dimitrov spoke about his coronavirus experience and the effects it has had on him since

“I was active all my life, and suddenly I was forced to be shut down, just physically, so it’s like you’re taking my wings away, but somehow I found a way to try and understand what is going on and the more I thought about it, things are happening at a basic rate. So if we are careful, we do the right things, things will be alright. We have to respect the process of what is going on absolutely,” he added.

According to Dimitrov, he didn’t mind being on his own these few weeks. He says he lived on his own since he as 12 years old. Hence, he could manage the loneliness. But having to deal with health issues is very new to him. Dimitrov also said he is still not wholly able to taste food or smell but is doing all he can to get there.

Indeed, eating well, sleeping well, and staying in shape is what every athlete does to keep fit, so for him to be broken and being unable to do a lot, these things made him completely mentally unstable. He does have hope of bouncing back fully within a few months.

“It’s inevitable to play mind games when you come out, and you lose trust in the body. You don’t know how you’re going to bounce back and how you’re going to feel. You kind of question if you’re going to be back a hundred percent.”

“On a positive note, I’ve done a lot of heart tests and blood tests to which all seemed to check out fine. You just got to be patient with it, and hopefully, in a month or so, I’ll be back at full force to do everything, and there won’t be any further repercussions after.”


What’s next for Dimitrov?

Dimitrov wants all persons to get accustomed to things, to get to know those who care, to exercise patience, and take their mental health seriously because that’s what is essential at the moment. He sees this whole thing as some positive experience.

He says he has spoken to world number 1 Novak Djokovic since the Adria Tour and believes they are both doing all they can to protect themselves while in the pursuit of bringing back sports.

“I spoke to Novac a while back now, we’re in the same boat right now, but we’re almost back at a hundred percent,” he said, “the timing is not comfortable for anyone, but from what I’ve heard, everything is good. We’re all back on the court. We’re trying to practice as much as possible, and now we’re waiting to sort of hear what the next step is going to be for us.”


Some players are still undecided about returning to the court

Some players are still deciding whether they want to go to New York for the US open or not. Recently, Andy Murray came out to say he was willing to take the risk to play in the US Open even though it will be a different experience without fans. Djokovic also opted out because of the pandemic.

Rafael Nadal, Nick Kyrgios, and women’s number one Ashleigh Barty have also decided to sit out with the same concerns.

The virus has shown no sign of leaving us any time soon, and it’s up to us to protect ourselves, adhere to laid down protocols and wait. Athletes are not an exception; if they feel they aren’t safe, they should be allowed to make their decisions.



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