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Mikaela Mayer tested positive for Coronavirus and was kept out of the Top Rank boxing card

American professional boxer Mikaela Joslin Mayer recently tested positive for the Coronavirus, and this sad news made sure that she wouldn’t fight in the co-feature on Tuesday night’s Top Rank boxing card down in Las Vegas.


Mayer took to Instagram to announce her results

29 years old Mikaela Mayer took to Instagram to announce the results of her testing on Sunday. Apparatus Mikaela was set to co-feature bout against Helen Joseph. “It came as a complete surprise,” Mayer wrote. “I am currently asymptomatic and am quarantining at an off-site location per recommended guidelines. The rest of my team tested negative, and they are all in good health. “I was looking forward to bringing back boxing for all of you, and I’m disappointed for myself, my team, my supporters, and for my opponent, Helen Joseph, who worked just as hard to be here this week and put on a show for everyone.”

According to professional boxer Mayer, later in the post, she stated that there was a good chance that the test results could be a false positive. Still, unfortunately, Top Tank’s protocols for the fight on Tuesday does not permit retesting. If at any point, a positive test comes up during the pre-fight process, the fighter will be taken off immediately of the card and put in quarantine outside of the MGM bubble.

Last month, top Rank COO Brad Jacobs told ESPN, “The bottom line is if someone comes up positive on their test, there’s no retest,” “There’s no ‘Oh man, the thing was wrong.’ You’re done. Very simple.”

The policy was put in place to make sure that any potentially infected fighter would be kept out of the MGM bubble to prevent them from going in and causing a spread. According to Top Rank spokesman Evan Korn, there have been no new positive tests for teams or fighters for Tuesday’s card that is headlined by Shakur Stevenson. Mikaela Joslin Mayer is an undefeated boxer (12-0) and has spent most of the past two months in Houston and Washington DC in a training camp right after with her best friend Ginny Fuchs and two dogs in her home in Colorado.

Mayer expressed her concern about the gym being opened to the public to ESPN, even before her test results were released

The gym where Mayer usually trained in Houston had reopened to the general public recently, and it’s the Main Street Boxing. Mayer had expressed her concern about the gym being opened to the public to ESPN, even before her test results were released– not precisely a selfish move on her part, but she feared for her coaches, Al Mitchell and Kay Koroma. “Super weird and a little nerve-wracking because all of a sudden the gym is packed with younger people, and I’m like, ‘How safe are these young people being before they come into this gym,'” Mayer said last month. “Even though I wasn’t quarantined at home like a lot of people were, locked in their house, I was on the road doing things, I was very cautious.”

In her report to ESPN, Mayer hinted that she washed her hands continually after coming into contact with public surfaces, she did not touch her face and frequently used antibacterials. She also took the extra precaution of limiting the people around her to her coaches when she spent her time in the gym and Fuchs. The only time she was close to people in the gym during camp, as she recollects, was during sparring sessions.

She had wanted to train solo Initially during her camp, but the sparring work was vital.

Considering the potential extra exposure that comes with it and the return of boxing, Mayer is hoping to be on the first card back on ESPN, “That was one of the things I thought about, and I thought about it after the UFC had their first card a couple of weeks ago, right,” Mayer told ESPN last month. “ESPN and ESPN+ views were through the roof, and I’m like, ‘Wow if we do get this fight to go through in early June, there’s going to be a lot of people watching.'”Even people who don’t usually watch boxing, they just need some sports in their life because there’s no sports happening right now other than old replays. They are going to tune into these fights, so I want to put on a good performance.”

With a positive test result keeping her from her fight, Mayer had said that she “will just have to take a quick break, but I will be in the ring soon.”



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