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Riot Games to release first-person shooter Valorant in Summer 2020.

What is to be expected from Riot Games Valorant this summer- All you need to know and Specifications.

According to Riot Games game developer, Valorant is set to be released on Monday this summer 2020, and at the stroke of midnight PT on Monday morning, first-person shooter Valorant was unveiled. Valorant is riot games stylish 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, which was formerly known as “Project A.” As part of the grand unveiling, a trailer was showcased to reveal what a round of Valorant would look like, as well as how some characters would perform in the game.

The company later announced the summer 2020 release date for its next big title. Riot Games Valorant is said to tease the perfect blend of creativity and lethal gunplay, but the real question here is, “Can Valorant take on the likes of Overwatch and Counter-strike to be an eSports mainstay?”

@playVALORANT Twitter page that was dormant became active earlier today, displaying the teaser trailer and new promotional assets, followed by the official Valorant website that offers further information about the five-on-five character-based tactical shooter alongside other brief reviews from major gaming publications after testing out the game at Riot Games headquarters Los Angeles. Valorant looks promising even though we are months away from the release date.

The early impressions from a former commendation prove that it is the best game since Counter-strike — The future is now! Although PR-vetted prosaic statements seem bright, information reaching us today shows the lengths Riot Games is willing to go to secure Valorant a seat at the table among competitive FPS royalty.


Valorant Specifications.

Riot Games promises 60 to 144 frames per second (FPS) on modern gaming rigs, 128-tick servers, at least 30 FPS on most minimum specification computers dating back to as far as a decade, a global spread of data centers that are aimed at less than 35ms for players based in major cities all over the world, which is, in fact, a netcode we have all been longing for years, and finally, it comes with an anti-cheats from day one.

To come out with an ultra-responsive game, Riot Games has invested in expensive high-tick servers. Riot Games has also announced that it has closed deals with major Internet Service Providers around the world to launch their Riot Direct service that leads players everywhere to the servers. This shows how desperate Riot Games is to get it all right once and for all. Riot Games has released a preview of gameplay that gives players a few select moments from its full 24 round game.

Even though we can not exactly form an opinion based on a preview, it seems fun and tense at the same time. It also focuses on lethal shooting, a sophisticated balance of precision, and character abilities as they come together to boost creativity. It is simply Counter-strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch’s character abilities all thrown in. But this does not, in any way, dispute the fact that Valorant is unique in its way.

A few critics would argue that Valorant does not at all look promising, but the only real criticism that can be raised against the game is that it lacks character, and it sports a bland aesthetic, which is not such a bad thing. Riot Games seems to be focusing more on balance and gameplay quality over anything else. The visuals have gradually been accepted as a norm of little concern. The perceived blandness of Riot Games Valorant will quickly become a thing of the past once the company succeeds in nailing its gameplay.

Gaming expert Tyler Erzberger says, “While the obvious comparison is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with how similar the gameplay is, I think that both games will thrive and (hopefully) push each other to become the best games possible. Counter-Strike just had one of its best viewership weekends ever in Katowice, and no pretty wrapping from Riot Games is going to take away from the hardcore audience Valve has built up throughout the years.”

He also added, “I think we will see pro players from other games, including CS, Overwatch, and other FPS titles, try out Valorant to see if they can become the face of a game that is almost assured to be a smash hit but don’t expect any of the established FPS esports to crumble because of Valorant. If Valorant’s release destroys an opposing eSports scene, that scene didn’t have legs to stand on in the first place.”


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